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Senpu's health

He went in today for some more bloodwork. He had elevated creatine levels last time, and they were worried about bringing them down so he wouldn't have anymore problems. He went on special prescription cat food for bladder health, and I have to put this powder in his food every time I feed him. We were hoping his levels would go down with these changes, but they did not.

They went up instead :(

So... we're changing his food yet again from bladder health to kidney health, and I have to keep sprinkling this epakitin stuff on his food at mealtime. They said if it goes up again, we'll have to look at it and decide what to do from there. He's only a few points away from being classified as having chronic renal failure.

I don't know how much longer we'll have him with us. He stresses out so much every time we take him to the vet, and we're dropping a lot of money every time for all this new food and bloodwork and whatever.

The upside is that they said they'd take back his old c/d food and swap it out for the k/d stuff, which is nice. I really don't put much stock in these prescription cat foods, though. I think it's a waste, and not helping anything at all. I'll keep at it until the next blood panel, though.

:( Poor Senpu


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