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Senpu gets more prescriptions!

The vet called back with the results of his detailed blood panel, and his creatine levels are elevated slightly. Apparently it's not too bad, but higher than she would like. The vet said it could be related to the UTIs, or the UTIs could be indicative of kidney problems. Sooooo... He's got a magic powder he's got to take with his prescription food twice a day with his other two prescriptions. He's got to go back in two weeks to check the bloodwork again, so I really hope this is minor and manageable, and not a sign of chronic renal failure. :(

To try and keep myself busy today, I have been cleaning out the cabinets. I basically go through my cabinet of sentimental crap once or twice a year and toss anything that is no longer important.. Or just go until my inner hoarder kicks in and I cannot toss anymore. I made one huge bag of trash! There were hilarious things like a fabric case with a shoulder strap designed specifically to hold a few CDs and a personal CD player...old sets of plastic over-th-head headsets, and other random crap that was very easy to toss. Somehow, however, photos from high school were tougher. I mean, I recognizes faces, but I could only name 2-3 names, and I didn't particularly enjoy highschool, but I just couldn't toss them today. Everything is far more organized now, but I wasn't able to make enough space to store my rock band drums >..<

I also found:

Some gay porn that does not belong to me (Lololololol-I was holding it so it wouldn't be on-campus and get someone in trouble... And also so a copy furry wouldn't whack to it in her free time and taint it with her juices)

A large collection of DvD promo pins for such winner titles as: SPIRIT stallion of the cimmarron, Blue Crush, The Country Bears, Snow Dogs, and Minority report.. To name a few

Crappy drawings form highschool ( totally tossed a bunch of these.. Kept others)

Many many many magical girl wands. Sailor moon, card captor Sakura, magic knights rayearth..and some pirate weapons that light up and make noise XD

What I did not find: my Kisuke Urahara phone strap that mysteriously went missing years ago :( I was hoping to put it on my anime- themed charm bracelet.

I've also done a ton of maintenance work on the pinball machines lately. The Lord of the Rings machine had a VUK switch go out that needed to be re-soldered...Ray did that, but I've swapped out a ton of lights and rubbers on the Addams family machine, as well as cleaning the playfield and glass. I think the south park machine needs some attention, and there's still some more soldering to be done on the Addams family machine (2 targets need to be replaced.. Have parts already though) but all in all, I've been feeling remarkably productive lately.


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