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Ahh.. Senpu :(

He's sick again. We just dropped 400 bucks at the vet's office trying to get him straightened out.

The short version? Mega awful bad UTI

The long version?

Nugget seems to stress Senpu out a lot. Even though there are multiple litter boxes, there is litterbox drama. Senpu doesn't want to use a box used by Nugget. Nugget wants to use whatever box is closest to all the people. Therefore, Nugget uses ALL THE BOXES and Senpu holds it until he has an infection, then pees on laundry, carpet, bathroom rugs, and whatever else is handy.

He was going out of his way to pee on Ray's clean laundry so I decided to put the bathroom rugs back down and monitor his peeing. He went like 6 times in the space of 3 hours, so I called the vet. When the vet checks for a UTI, they perform a magic trick. They gently hold onto the bladder and after a while, it just leaks out on it's own like magic! Only this time, Senpu leaked out horrific ammounts of bloody urine.

I mean, it wasn't just tinged slightly pink, there was a lot. I was pretty shocked. The vet was just like "Oh, yeah, he's got a big one!"

So.. He had two injections to last him until he got home, massive tests done, new special prescription food to help with UTIs, and some drugs I have to give him twice a day to acidify his urine and an antibiotic. We also decided to do a full blood panel to check for kidney function and thyroid and all that, since it'd been a few years since we did thyroid, and the last time he had a blood panel, it wasn't covering all the bases. They were supposed to call with results this afternoon, but I guess they forgot. I'll have to call them tomorrow XP

I love my kitty, and we don't have kids so I can spend the money on him :P But I'm really concerned about how he and the Nugs interact. I mean.. Nugget is still essentially a kitten, even if she weighs about as much as godzilla. Her favorite thing to do is flop over out of nowhere and bite Senpu on the ass.

Senpu has to be on special food now, so I bought a bunch of canned Blue Buffalo stuff and we're doing a feeding schedule.. so I hope it helps Senpu put some weight on. (He's lost over a 1/2 a lb over the past year. I'm starting to feel bones, yo! He was 8.8 today.) I also hope it gets Nug's amazing weight under control too. (She's gotta be like 10+ lbs, srsly -..- She lays on my legs and they fall asleep. She could stand to lose a pound)

It's going to be a pain to go anywhere now since I'll have to figure out how they should be fed when we go on vacation. I was really hoping Nugs would be like a normal cat and not just eat all day long. Senpu went 10 years keeping himself at 9.5 lbs on his own, but now we have to change everything. I also love the Nugs, though, so getting rid of her is out of the question.

I've tried just about everything I can think of to help them share the house. We've used Feliway diffusers and sprays; I've used enzynamic urine destroyers to try to keep Senpu from peeing on my bathmats; I've made sure to show cats equal ammounts of attention in front of each other; I've held Nugget down so Senpu can lick her butt (They both seemed freaked out by this one, but Senpu totally wanted to do it and Nugs was just like WTF)

Anyway.. I clean the litter so much now, and I just can't think where a good spot for a 3rd pan would be. I just don't know what else to do. I really hope that the feeding schedule fixes a lot of problems. I can't have Senpu getting UTIs all the time. I'm really worried for my little kitty :(
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