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Whoops.. another big gap in posts

Things have seemed so crazy around here I just haven't gotten around to writing stuff down. I like my journal, because I feel like I can work through stuff that's buzzing around in my head, but I also feel like maybe it can help me stay a little closer to people who have moved away, or even local people I don't see all the time. Sometimes, I think people feel like they can have that with one-liners on facebook, but it all seems so impersonal. I suppose I'm a hypocite for keeping my LJ and expecting the same thing, but the way I treat people that know about my journal is different. I always assume whoever it is that has access to it hasn't read the entry. Those facebookites assume I should be up to speed already BECAUSE of the site, so I guess it's a little different.

Quick recap of things happening in my household:

~The house is settling in a bad way on the south end of the house. We will have to get a foundation company to jack the house up and shim it and re-level it and all that. That kinda sucks.

~I purchased custom shades for the dining room and the master bedroom. We have some nice bamboo woven things like I've always wanted now... and blackout shades in the bedroom. I'm torn between buying new curtains for window dressings or leaving the shades in the bedroom as-is. They seem naked without curtains after 10 years of those sheer black things, but home decor sites say that having short stubby curtains in a small room make the room look smaller. Blackout curtains probably make the room look smaller, but we like it, damn it >..>

Floor lenth on the sides and in the middle (tied back) could look nice, but the windows aren't really centered in any way that would be easy to frame them, and the bed has to be against the window wall. I don't really like our master bedroom much... which is why we are trying to win the lottery!

~Mega Millions jackpot is insane right now, so I made sure I got a ticket yesterday.. then I made my brother buy a ticket too. If he wins, he can pay off the house and buy us stuff. We could live with that :P

~Our vacation in Vegas was lots of fun. I was really ambivalent about the trip since I was so bummed out about grandpa the whole start of the month, and I felt absolutely awful about not going up there and then going to vegas like a week later, but I talked to family about it, and they helped me figure some stuff out in my head, and I decided that wince we'd been planning the trip for like 6 months, I should still go. So... I went, and we had fun, and everything was ok and I don't hate myself for it.. and that's ok.

~Nugget is really fat. Senpu is wasting away. The cats will have to go on a feeding schedule, and it will be very hard to swap them over. Nugget will do fine, I think. Senpu has a sensitive stomach, and will probably vomit his food a lot while we're trying to swap them over. I didn't want to have to do this, but I can't just leave food out, or Nugget eats EVERYTHING and chases Senpu away.

~We are going to a bunch of weddings soon. I feel totally frazzled about travel plans, and I have decided I am too fat to feel like a human being while flying, so I'm watching what I eat with renewed vigor and hoping this time will be "the one" and I can finally get somewhere with my body. I hate feeling like a stuffed sausage in those seats, and I don't really like touching other people unless it's Matt... So if I want to keep my arms away from strangers, it would be best if I fit in the seats a little better, yo

~Ray is still visiting. Well, technically, he's working here. But hey! It's nice having him around. The only downsides are that at any given time, there are 3 cases of soda, like 4 different kinds of chips and 3-4 different kinds of candy in the house. WTF. How are we even related??? It's been a huge struggle not to eat that stuff. I'm doing ok with the sodas. I haven't kept sugary sodas in the house for myself in a very long time, so they are pretty easy to ignore. The chips are a little harder, since they're RIGHT THERE when I get the afternoon munchies. Still, they are much easier to stay away from than the candy.. which is killing me right now. I have been eating a bit of that every day, and it's so hard to stay away from XP I told him I didn't keep that stuff in the house because I am trying to eat less, and not eat that junk, but he doesn't care. T..T He also cooks for an army, and I'm always scolding him on portion sizes. I leave him alone about what he's eating, but he's piling stuff up on everyone's plates and it's been really rough trying to get anywhere with that. I already eat too much, and he's not helping! XP SRSLY. Are we related?? How can he eat all that?!?

Little things seem to fill up free time between the big stuff. There are problems with two of the pinball machines, and I've ordered replacement rubbers for the Addams family machine, as well as replacement targets for the broken ones. I've ordered some nifty bolt-on cupholders that go right on the legs without modifying the machine. The LotR machine is having a more significant problem, though. The right VUK (Gimli/Gollum trigger) isn't working properly. From what I've been able to read online, it has a bad switch. Replacement switches are 4 bucks, so I ordered a bunch. I've had problems with the Sam/Shire left VUK in the past, so it's inevitable that it will go out eventually. The only downside is that they don't just pop in. They need to be soldered, and I don't know how to do that. Last time we needed soldering done, we paid someone to come and fix it. It was a cheap fix, but it would be nice to know how to do it myself. Matt and I were half-joking that I should go to TSTC and take a beginner's electrician class. XD

I'm also going to make another charm bracelet soon. I really like the silver one I made. I basically took all my anime cloissonne zipper pulls and phone straps and put the little flat anime characters on a silver charm bracelet. I had a few that I didn't add on there, though, because the filler metal beneath the enamel was gold-tonned. IT's like.. two bleach charms and 4 Tsubasa/Holic charms. I decided I'd order a cheap gold-plated bracelet and make a gold one with the remaining charms. It won't be really full of anime characters like my silver one, though, so I ordered some cute enamel charms through alibaba/Hong Kong and some really pretty teapot ones. I want to learn how to make jewelry. I think it would be fun. So far, I just put things on jump rings and put them on charm bracelets, but I've read up on bending pins and stuff so I can make little hanging beads to put on this gold one. I dunno.. it could be fun. I would probably make a lot of gold-toned stuff involving irridescent beads and swarovski crystals XD

I've also been super busy trying to keep up on housework with my brother here. He's good at making really sloppy messes in the kitchen. It really gets under my skin, and he knows it, so he tries really hard to clean up after himself... but he still leaves a good ammount of mess XD I don't give him a hard time, because I know he tries and he's working a ton of hours. Still, I feel like I'm spending a lot of time mopping and wiping down counters and doing massive loads of dishes. He does his own laundry, which is fine by me!

I'm going to have a little break in the crazy through April, I hope. During that time, I'm going to try to get up to the Kimball art museum in Ft. Worth and see the new impressionist exhibit. IT LOOKS AMAZING! I'm just waiting for KT's break in the crazy as well, so we can get up there and gorge ourselves on amazing Japanese food at Mr. Max's. I don't even remember what I got last time. I think it was the yaki niku set, but I had like 500 bowls of deliciousness.. then I had the azuki ice cream. I thought I would hate it since I'm really iffy on azuki stuff, but it was really good! Makes me want to give the azuki mochi ice cream another chance. Too bad I can't get it around here ;(

Anyway... Gotta run now and try to figure out WTF Nugget just ate off the floor. God, that cat is dumb.


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