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Spring Cleaning!

I have been feeling super productive lately. It's been hard to find an outlet for it all, though, because my mental list of "Things I Could Be Doing to Make the House Prettier" is very long.

For those of you who have never seen the house, let me get this out of the way: We do NOT have a hoarder house. The floors are pretty clear of clutter with a few exceptions (A small stack of cardboard boxes by the door to go out to trash, a few cosplay things in the guest bedroom), and while the shelves are cluttered with toys and collectables, I do my best to keep things vaccumed and as clear as possible.


When Matt and I were dating, he bought me all sorts of junk. We'd go out shopping, and I'd say "Oh, this is kinda neat," and his reply was "Want it?" It was such an alien concept for me. I was used to going window shopping and say "oh, this is cool. This is nice," etcetc, but leaving it at that. Either it was too expensive, I didn't need it, or I couldn't afford it. It wasn't a big deal. But I guess when we were dating, Matt wanted to impress me and we bought all sorts of stupid shit together. We have boxes of pokemon crap because we both thought pokemon were really cute for a while, etc. We went through a phase where we were really into collecting action figures. We subscribed to ToyFare and bought new figures we liked as soon as they were released, etc.

It's little stuff like that I'm trying to clear out so it's easier to dust, really. Some of that stuff is easy to say goodbye to, and some of it isn't as easy. I've boxed up and forgotten about a lot of stuff, and I'm not even certain some of it is worth selling. I feel so wasteful when I look back at all that crap, seriously XP

Anyway, I got the spring cleanng bug, and managed to.. not take care of any of that stuff. Instead I cleaned ALL THE THINGS of the bedroom. I moved furniture! I vaccummed EVERYWHERE, washed EVERYTHING, and then febreezed so it at least smelled like I did something. I figured "There is a lot of dust in here! Matt seems a little stuffy! I will fix it!"

I was very proud of it all. I wrapped up a dreamcast, a psx, an xbox, and a PS2 and put them all away somewhere. I eliminated cables, threw things away, and found cat toys!

And this morning, Matt woke up sick XD

I also did all the laundry, caught up on dishes, took trash out, cleaned the bathroom (well, that one was today), etc. In fact, I worked pretty steadily all day yesterday, and I was planning to do the same today. Matt came home around lunchtime feeling like crap, though, so I might hold off on further cleaning. I have a very large bag of wildflower seeds that I want to plant in a patch in the backyard, though, so I may go do that. I don't think I have a rake, though.... so it will be very clumsy and possibly end in splinters. They could be pretty if it doesn't get too hot, though! I just hope my lawn guys don't decide to take a weedwhacker to them when I'm not looking. It took me like 3 months to get them to stop destroying my spider grass, and it still hasn't completely grown back yet -..-

OH! And one of my clivia plants has sprouted a second leaf. I hereby declare that one successful. Unsuccessful plant continues to look shriveled and twist around and look unhappy. I may put it outside and say a little prayer for the spirit of sadplant. The cats were upset one time when we were gone and dragged it out of the planter and across the room. I thought it might still survive since they are pretty hardy, but the roots were shrivled. It still hasn't turned completely brown yet, thuogh, and it's been months. I think it's trying to make a comeback. Maybe I'll just put it outside and forget about it for a while and see if it miraculously does better.

Oh yeah- What's the worst thing about CLEANING ALL THE THINGS?? When the stuff you do is important and makes a difference, but you cant' see much of a difference -..-

Today.. I wanted to wash all of the interior walls >..> I feel like maybe I'm a little crazy, but I also feel that these are things normal people do and just don't tell anyone about. It feels like the walls should be washed every once and a while to get rid of dust and whatever. I've been here 10 years. I bet they need it. I bet the water comes out brown, even though the walls look white! Stop looking at me like that! >:O I will totally re-paint spots along the baseboard that need it too! >:O


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