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My freinds list: wow O..o

I haven't looked at it in a while, but there's a bunch of new names on there that didn't say anything when they added me! Some of them are people I've met when visiting the girls in CO, and others post in languages I do not know. I don't mind people adding me if they are interested in reading about my cat or my 1st world problems, but sometimes it's strange to see so many new random names and have no idea when they popped up there XD

I need to cleam mine out again. Out of all the tons of people I used to have freinded, many don't use LJ anymore. Some of them are iRL freinds that I still talk to regularly that just didn't like the format of LJ. Others are people I talk to occassionaly with chat programs. There's a good number from the convention scene there that have become inactive and I've fallen out of touch with. I feel bad removing anyone just because they're in active, but it makes me kind of sad looking at the inactive names.

I've only ever once had to remove someone for being a passive agressive jackass, though, and that is kind of funny in itself.

So house news! We are going to have to spend our tax refund getting the house re-levelled this year :/ There are hairline cracks in our bedroom along the same beam of the roof, and we're pretty sure one side is sagging just a little bit. Neither of us have any idea of how much it's going to end up costing, but Matt doesn't think it will be that bad. Since our house is pier& beam, he says they're juse going to jack it up a little bit and put something under one side to level it out. We'll then have to decide if we're going to plaster and re-paint or just leave the cracks for now. They are very small, but they're unattractive. If we decided to sell the house, we'd want to make sure those were covered up too. People see the cracks as an indication of a problem, regardless whether or not the problem has already been fixed.

We really love this house, though, and we aren't planning on moving anytime soon. Lately, though, we've kind of wished we had a little more room. One or two more rooms so I could have a sewing room, and a place to put the workout equipment so it isn't right next to the front door, etc. It's not space we have to have. Things work the way we have them now, and I feel like I'm not sure I'll ever really be sewing a lot again. The craft room wouldn't really be that big of a deal. I just don't like all the supplied I have just piled in the guest bedroom. I'm not buying anything else new, but I would like to work through the stuff I have eventually :)

The workout stuff is something different, though. I was using that very regularly up until the holidays. (My workout partner said it was too cold to get out of bed early in the morning, and gave up :P Despite being nessesary, I hate sweating and working out, so I did not have the motivation or desire to do it by myself) Now that I'm not using it anymore, it's really tempting to give the weight machine to my brother and just keep the bike. We have free weights. We were using the weight machine for safe, solo bench presses, assisted pull-ups, etc. I think I had better results from doing freeweights a few years back- deadlifts, military presses, squats, etc. I couldn't convince Matt to do freeweights with me though, and he liked the machine. Now I'm thinking things would look nicer without the machine there. I could scoot the bike into that corner, and the walkways would be more open.

I think I hang onto it out of guilt, though. I feel like I should be using it more often than the current "not at all," so I haven't gotten rid of it. I think my brother really wants it, though. I got it for free from dad, so I know if I gave it to Ray he wouldn't mind. Ray keeps moving a lot, though, so I'm not sure he's ready to take it yet. His job keeps moving him all over the place.

I don't know. I'm thinking about picking up the free weights again. I sucked at military presses, and couldn't ever consistantly do 50 lbs on them, but I was rocking the deadlifts. I didnt' like the squats, but when I was doing them my thigh muscles were deadly. I just need to find some amazing drive and willpower to get healthy, srsly XP


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