HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Poor Mr. Kitty

So Feb is apparently dental health awareness month or something? I was not aware, but I am now!

Senpu's tartar buildup was looking quite gross, and I didn't realize how bad it was until the vet pulled his gums back and showed me his teeth at his appointment a while back. I thuoght they were just trying to push dental month, but his back teeth were a sludgy brown color and his gums bled when she gently pressed on them. I really don't want him anesthetized unless it's absolutely nessesary. His teeth need to be cleaned, though, and they can't do it while he's awake. He's 10 yrs old now, and never had a proper dental cleaning, so I suppose it's ok. XD

I just feel awful having to take him out of the house, though. He hates his carrier, hates the car, hates leaving the house, and hates the vet. Kinda like me! lol

He should be back later today, though. She said they're sedating him with a shot or something, and it just takes another shot to bring him right out of it, so they'll probably call me when he's done and I'll be able to go get him right away.

Also... I'm really looking forward to getting my stitches out on Friday. They are bothering the hell out of me -..- I want to just cut them out myself and be done with it, but they said they needed to be there 10 days. I wanted to see what it looked like, so I took a picture of the back of my head yesterday..

OMFG he shaved so much hair >:O

I was ok with them shaving what they needed to. My old Dr. was always nervous about shaving too much. It was really cute. He would try his best to save as much hair as possible. New guy? LOVES THE SHAVER! The nurse shaved the area and tried to save as much as she could. The Dr. came in and was all like "Oh look! Everything's set! I'm going to take some more hair...."

At first, I was all like "Oh, ok, do whatever you need to. It'll grow back" Then I saw it yesterday and I'm like... bald back there XD They said "Oh, you can just comb over it and cover it up until is grows back. There's no hiding this! lol

After I get my stitches out, I need to try to get my hairdresser to trim my hair and see what he thinks. I refuse to do a pixie cut though! That is not me! Or that stacked short nonsense that was popular for a while. We hates that, precious. It looks like an alien. Or an alien's butt. Or both the butt and head of an alien at the same time.

I know some people like it, and it probably looks great on some people, but I don't think that's for me. It would probably drive me nuts knowing my hair looked like that in the back.
I do not want my head to look like this!!!

Edit: Senpu came back from the vet. He was very unhappy, then he had to sniff everything. After that, he allowed himself to be pet and brushed, and he's pretty much back to his Nugget-hating self. Yay!


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