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I feel like I should make some sort of journal post. Let's have a musical journey!

So there's this Pizza Hut commercial that came out a while back, and it features a dude and his guitar. He just stands there singing about how great pizza is, and chalk animations pop up all around him. Here is said commercial:

Ok, so around mark 0:22-0:23, the chord progression was really bothering me. For weeks, I was wandering around the house humming a chunk of another song I could barely remember, because it seemed like the part that should have gone AFTER the commercial's chord progression. Pretty soon, I could remember two words of the lyrics of said song, and I was wandering around the house cleaning and doing dishes, humming and occassionally belting out "BAAAAAABY." From there, it didn't take long for me to figure out it was Roy Orbison's "You Got It"

I mean, it just feels like the bit of the song around marker 0.54 is supposed to come next, right?!?

Anyway, after I figured it out, I went on a Roy Orbison kick and bought the itunes essentials since I didnt' own any of it. (Dad used to listen to his greatest hits a lot, so I knew many of the songs already). While I was listening, I stumbled upon a really familiar song that I don't remember him singing. "I Drove All Night" was made famous in the 90's by Celine Dion. It's about a creeper loving partner who drives all night to break into creep softly into his/her lover's room to rape tenderly make love to them.

Apparently the song was originally writted by a dude who had Roy Orbison in mind for the vocals. Roy didn't get around to recording it for a long time, so Cyndi Lauper decided to do it.

I don't remember hearing that version at all! She does a great job, though. Spastic 80's dancing FTW. If you watch to the end of the video, you get to see one of my greatest nightmares from highschool. In my nightmares, I was always sleeping in bed (alone, not with some cologne ad hunk, sorry!), but the bed was out in the middle of the practice football field outside my highschool. All around me, the marching band would be practicing and the band director would be yelling at me for not being ready. Awful stuff T..T


Roy Orbison eventually DID record it, however, shortly before his death. It was released posthumously and did really well. I can't remember hearing this version either :X

Looking back at the Cyndi Lauper version after hearing this, you can definitely tell it was meant for Roy, but Cyndi just killed the high notes. Again, great job! I don't know why, but I'm always surprised at the ammount of talent that woman has. She got popular on 80's bubblegum pop, but she has a great voice!

So then in the 90's Celine Dion decided it was her turn to be a creeper, and released her techno car commercial masterpeice:

She sure can belt stuff out. In comparison to the other two, though, it almost feels like it's lacking in emotion. The random musical grunts and groans and "uh huhs" in this song are just vehicles for Divaeque dithering, and don't really have the same meaning in the other songs. The driving beat makes it exciting, but sorry Celine! You definitely have a great set if pipes, but as far as female vocalists on this song go, I think Cyndi did it better >..>

But yeah.. I remember hearing the Celine version a lot when it came out, and I don't know if it registered with me at all that it was a Roy Orbison song. I was even more shocked to find out that while it was intended for Orbison, Cyndi Lauper recorded it first XD It was like.. "whoooaahh"

So would you then still consider it a Roy Orbison song if he wasn't the first to record it but was the one it was originally intended for? I do, but Cyndi did a fantastic job with it.


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