HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Argh Cats, just argh!

I'm having a really hard time with Nugget and Senpu. The cat dynamics seem to change all the time. When I think they are ok with each other, Senpu will spend a whole afternoon growling. When I think I have the litter situation handled, Senpu starts peeing in new places. I can't tell Nugged "Ok. This is Senpu's box. He doesn't like finding your stuff in there, so don't use that box, use the other one" and I can't tell Senpu "If thou feeleth thine box art not to thy satisfaction, use the other one" Instead, Nugget uses hers only when people are near it, and they both use the one in the guest bath A LOT.

I try to clean it out every other day. I should probably scoop every day, but I have a hard enough time keeping up with two cats pooping as it is, because I'm spending so much time cleaning up after the other excretions they do all over the house.

We bought a bissel SpotBot a few years ago. It's wonderful. It is the perfect size for most cat pukes. Senpu still likes to puke a lot, so the carpet is stained all over the place. This thing helps get rid of them. It's not so good for urine, but the cats never peed on the carpet.

Today, though, I was doing the laundry and saw that someone (probably senpu) has been peeing in front of the laundry basket for who knows how long -..- It is a well documented fact that Senpu will pee on soft things and piles of dirty laundry if left alone for a few days. This is the first time I've noticed him peeing on stuff like that while people are home. I don't know when he does it.. and it bothers me that he sleeps on the bed right across from it and doesn't give a shit that he's pissing everywhere.

Now.. Senpu rarely uses the second box, even though I went out of my way to replace both litter boxes with brand-new really huge ones with no cat scent on them at all. I'm wondering if he just doesn't like the placement of the second box or maybe Nugget has used it one too many times, or what. I'm at my wit's end with all this cat piss, though. I bought a huge jug of Nature's Miracle urine destroyer, and that is soaking into the carpet now. I hope it works. I still have to spotbot some areas in the bedroom, so I'll zap that spot in an hour or so after this stuff does it's job.

Oh, did I mention that I can't keep rugs in the guest bath anymore? I got some great ones from World Market a year or two ago. They are woven yarn or something,a nd they are very tight-weave and flat. Senpu pees on plush ones. Anyway.. No problems with cats peeing on rugs for like a year! It was great! But now as soon as I wash them and put them back down, he's peeing on them.

When this first started happening, I had to take both cats in to be dewormed since the nugs had tapeworms. Apparently neurotic Senpu gave himself a bladder infection from holding it since he didn't want to use the same box Nugget was using. Now I'm just wondering if that's happened again, or what.

I love the Nuggs, but Senpu doesn't, and this is becoming an increasing problem. Especially since I'm the one that spends all day cleaning up cat piss and puke and shit and hair. -..-


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