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Happy New Year- No cavities!

I had a lot of trouble with my teeth in college because I didn't really go to the dentist much or take care of them all that well. I had to get a lot of cavities filled, and an old filling crapped out nessesitating a root canal and a crown. By the time we were caught up with my wayward college years, I had two crowns and nearly all of my old fillings had been replaced.

Since that, though, I've had a perfect record!

I attribute it all to...

my hygenist XD

I swear if it wasn't for her, I'd have no teeth left. I mean, I have to give credit to my actual dentist who did all the major work, but the hygenist gives me that super clean twice a year that keeps my teeth from rotting in my skull.

Matt didn't go with me, though. He had an appointment, but he was sick. Now I am sick! Cooking dinner with very little sense of taste was exciting tonight. When I get better and I can taste again, I will probably think dinner was crazy salty and sour. It tasted bland to me tonight, though.

Oh- and breaking news in the trash can theft. The city messed up our order, and no can was brought to us. So they put the order back in, but they have no idea when we will actually get it. I asked if it was ok to paint our street name on the can, and she said yes. I also plan to paint flowers and maybe a giant hairy dick coming out of a fist where the middle finger should be. You know, a big fuck you to whoever keeps stealing the can because they want a second or fifth can without having to pay the 4 bucks a month fee.

If the city could track cans, I bet they'd make a lot more money from these slackers who are ripping them off. Less money spent on lost cans, more revenue from the fuckers who have been making them do extra work for free.


The lady from the city did tell me that I can pile my bags up outside, and they'll take them. I was under the impression that if it wasn't in the can, we were screwed. They will have a stinky surprise on mon, that's for certain.

I keep saying it's "from the city" but our waste management is outsourced to another company or something. I'm always really nice to them on the phone in case it's the mob.


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