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Merry Christmas everyone!

Things have been kind of crazy here, which is why I haven't posted in a great while.

I've spoken to most of you about the depressing stuff already, so here's some wacky shit that's happened recently:

I tried to get a pen for Matt. My uncle makes them himself from scrach with some mysterious spinny tool, and Matt really liked them. He tried sending two. They never got here. The tracking on the second one shows it was delivered to the totally wrong area code. Alisha and I drove around town knocking on doors in that zip at addresses we thought it might be at. I found an honest-to-goodness hoarder house! Two houses next to each other on a lot with two trailer homes, three cars, and everything was stacked to the ceiling with shit. Alisha said we could not go inside the hoarder house. There were signs like "keep out" and "tresspassers will be shot" all over there place. The latter of two signs must be taken very seriously in Texas. I left awestruck.

The second house... no one was home.

With both houses, I left a small ammount of personal contact info. No one has gotten back to me. My adventures were exciting, scary, and 500% more informative than the people at the post office.

In line with this rash string of package theft was the theft of my garbage can (AGAIN!!! >:O )

We are not pleased.

The city just said "Wow! You must have good stuff in your can. Well, we're running about 10 days behind on can deliveries. Good luck!" -..- We just drove out in the dark and rain to give a certain dumpster 3 trash bags full of kitchen garbage and a heavy grocery bag filled with cat shit. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I don't think Jesus cares that we illegally dump our trash in other dumpsters. We don't steal trash cans, and we aren't littering. Baby Jesus shouldn't have anything to cry about.

Other than that, our holiday has been bittersweet. It was really nice spending time with Matt's mom, but it was also a little hard. You can't help but reminisce about the family members that are absent. It's going to be a rough year for her, and I don't really know how to act. I've tried to act normal, listen well to anything she wants to talk about, and occassionally speak about the good things I remember. I could not mention him at all, but that somehow seems worse to me.


For the next few weeks, things are going to be pretty busy. I need to get up to Ft Worth with KT and see that Caravaggio exhibit before it's gone, or I'll really be sad. I wanted to say I'll regret it, but how much do I really regret anything? Well, not much. >..> It all happens when it happens, and it does it how it should. So if we make it out there, it'll be great. If not.. oh well. KT was also talking about visiting for New Year's. IF she was able to come this next weekend, we could also go up on to Plano and get my duffel bag and go eat dim sum on cart service day XD

I have my regular dentist's appointment coming up on the 3rd, then after that the schedule is pretty clear until our Vegas trip... still no date yet, but getting there. HAve a few days in mind, but I have to talk with my brother to see if they'll work for him. If they do, we'll start telling everyone else so they can hopefully get the time in by the time vacation rolls over.

We have quite a few trips planned for next year as well. I'm hoping I get to see the grandparents P in FL.. in a megatrip that will take us to Disney XD or Universal. I mean.. I REALLY want to go to happy Harry Potter land, but I also really want to go to Disney, and there's no way we'll have enough time for both. Disney is just too damned big. We won't see all of Disney as it is :X

Anyway.. I feel kind of bad neglecting the old LJ, but I didn't want to post the only major news that was going on within the family. Stolen trash cans are much more humurous.

PS: I really need a shower, and my car now smells a little like trash and that makes me sad.


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