HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

NaNoWriMo, Dir En Grey, and Dallas

Caution: written on iPad with clumsy fingers. Spelling errors abound!

The Dir en Grey concert was good. We really enjoyed ourselves. I knew they weren't going to play older stuff, but I secretly hoped they would. Maybe Akuro no Oka for the encore or Ain't Afraid to Die or something. I don't know. Anyway, they didn't. The oldest we could tell was a track off Withering to Death (2 albums ago)... Giving them about 3 of the most recent album's material to work through. They put on a good show, even if their new stuff isn't quite my kind od music anymore.

I sent out my book to two people, and I still have to give copies to my moms and a friend or two. Mom 1 and mom3 both want to read it, but I need to sent it out to them when I get home. I haven't asked Mom2, butI'll worry about her later. (mom1=my mom. Mom2= Matt's mom. Mom3= Tania's mom). I keep feeling like it's not good enough to send to A few people thoug.

So I won't have "won" NaNo this year.. But I've already got the writing itch again. I'm working on a rou outline for a story for next year that will be very different from this year's. It'll be about a guy, actually have romance, and it'll be a futuristic scifi kind of thing. I don't know. Right this second I'm excited about it. I just din't now if I'll be excited about it when it's time to work on it next year. I could always write whenever, really, but I feel like I should still be putting time into Finger Bones, but I need breaks between drafts, too...

Anyway.. Picked up some of the Kat Von D makeup from msephora. I was really excited about the eyeshadow palate and the foiled lipstick. I bought a bunch of great stuff when I was out and about, but I'm getting tired now.. Demented kitty purse will have to wait.


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