HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Oh thank god, my internet& cable are back!

I don't really want to talk about my latest adventures with customer service, so let's just say that after 3 days of no TV/internet, I'm happy to have it back. I missed out on all the black friday/cyber monday weekend internet sales, how sad!

I'm also kind of pissed because I can't update my pupe on my ipad (flash) And seriously? This was going to be my FIRST month of perfect attendance! I had logged in and updated it every day all month. Then I lost two days due to internet. I am never going to have a perfect month with that -..-

I also really missed having the TV as background noise while I clean, and being able to check my internet. I was supposed to lead a raid last night, and that didn't happen either. Boo!

Anyway, it's all back now.

In NaNo news, I'm done working on the book for now. I'm happy with where it is for what I managed to get done in one month. I see room for improvement in a few scenes, and I'm not 100% satisfied with it how it is right now, but it has an ending, it's been cleaned up a lot, and I've printed out a copy and given it to Matt.

For the close freinds& family interested in it: I will not mail you a copy because omfg toner, printer paper, and heavy.

I will, however, email a copy of the txt file upon request as long as you keep in mind that I will probably edit it one more time in another 6 months or so.

Also: Nugget's fat ass is destroying my Christmas tree. She's getting kind of pudgy, and she's flopping her weight on the lower branches, collapsing them. Not good. Kitty needs a diet. But how do I put Nugget on a diet without punishing Sepu too? >..< He's always been on free feeding- bowl of food out, always full. He only eats a little at a time throughout the day, and he's always been a trim cat. Nugget eats too much I think. I tried moving the cats to a feeding schedule for a day. I didn't give it enough time, I know that. But it was really hard watching Senpu. He'd whine for food, then overeat, then puke, then eat the puke, then throw it back up again, and wander down the hall upset. He doesn't do well with set feeding times, seriously!


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