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Six days of NaNoWriMo left!

So far I've:

~Written a proper ending to my book. I was stressing over the last sentance to be awesome. Then I wrote and wrote and decided I was done without really agonizing over it. It was strange.

~Finished my 1st pass and editing notes: Marked a few minor plot holes, 2-3 big plot changes, fixed lots of redundancies, punctuation mistakes, spacing problems, added real chapter numbers, etcetc.

And best yet:

Today I finished making all the changes from my editing notes!

That is not to say I am done yet. I'm thinking about adding a short emotional/ action/ somthing scene to the middle. I know what I want to do, I just don't know if I should put it in there or not.

Gives a little more character development
Gives the characters a chance to practice a skill they have just learned
Is an opportunity to exploit a character weakness and give her a chance to overcome it

I am lazy
I am afraid of writing myself into a corner with a complicated situation I am not sure how to get out of
I am afraid of totally wrecking the pacing.

I'll have that figured out by tomorrow.

I feel that with just under a week left, I should have time to print/read it over one more time, though. I'd like to make sure that all the changes make sense, and fix any other little things that jump out at me. Provided I get this mystery scene thing cleared up, though, I will be able to email copies out to close freinds and family around the first of December. Yay?

Also. I cooked today, and I am stuffed. Happy thanksgiving everyone!

What I give thanks for this year is pretty much what I give thanks for every year.

I am very thankful that I am in a stable relationship and able to live month to month without worrying where the money for bills is coming from.
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