HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

I'm trying so hard to stay on track, but it's not working!

I'm procrastinating hardcore, yo!

I haven't gotten anything done all weekend. On Friday, I re-wrote chapter eight. Since it was pretty much a complete re-write, I'll have to go over it again on paper later and correct stuff, I'm certain. I thought I was back out of complete re-write territory and back to fixing grammatical errors, redundancies, misplaced punctuation, etc.. re-writing sentances for clarity and all that good stuff..

But I'm right into a new section where I need to write in about two days of time. UGGHHH
I was in fix-it mode and now I'm in procrastination mode. I have a feeling after I get this section reworked, I'm going to have to change a lot of stuff. If I can at least get it on paper, work through the rest of my corrections, and print it out again, I'll be able to do a second pass over the manuscript

The downside is... even though I have a plan, I'm getting so damned sick of this thing. I'm slowly convincing myself it's a peice of unreadable trash. I know that isn't true, because the two test readers I hit up for revision notes both enjoyed the read. And I also know I'm really critical of myself.

However -..-

Why can't this just be done already? XP

The longer I stare at these words, the mmore I second guess every single sentance. I'm really glad I had some time away from it before I did my first pass, and I think it helped a lot. I'd apparently forgotten about half the book so it was a lot easier to read. Right now, though, I'm re-working stuff I just read and trying to remember if X insterted detail was going in before or after details Y and Z. I have a notebook with everything outlined, so I'm trying my best to stick to that and hope I don't accidentally rewrite a detail in too early or somthing XP

So! On to the village of the heretics, Aseneth. You need to spend like two days here learning that life outside isn't the same everywhere. Let's make culture shock a good thing!
Tags: nanowrimo

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