HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

That Jameson whisky ad....

Danse Macabre has been stuck in my head for days because of this >:O

I decided that I'd go and look for an album with a good version of it, and I found two badly recorded classical albums, one that played it at a painfully slow tempo, and some fancy pants violin party CD. Guess which one I went with

Infernal Violins! Oh yeah baby!

I'm really not getting much work done at all :( Maybe a mix of classical music and strange violin covers of Paint It Black and Sympathy For the Devil will get me back on track.

Actually, I totally like the Guns N' Roses cover of Sympathy better... >..> It's on the Interview With A Vampire soundtrack.

That's really not productive, going off on tangents..

But I really liked Tom Cruise as Lestat. He and Kirsten Dunst were the best casting choices in that movie. Brad Pitt looks like he has great difficulty with the fangs (or just a mouth full of cotton) the whole time.

I think I want to watch that movie now >..<

BUT NO! I have less than 30 min to figure out what to make Matt for dinner and get any possible work done before I get stuck leading a raid.

GAH. I should type up as many pages as I can before he gets home, and then microwave tamales. Yes. That is a total cop-out, but it will work!

-..- I would rather watch Interview over again and procrastinate some more, though -..-


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