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Just got the new Lareine album in from CD Japan today. I had it pre-ordered, and I got the first press. I'm very happy because it came with a HUGE poster. I think I'll have to get this poster framed, because it's not printed on American-type poster paper, where the poster is somewhat shiny, but this is a coarse matte paper that seems fragile. I wouldn't want to ruin this poster... In fact, I had to get a freind to help me hold it while I unrolled it, just so I could look at it. It's so big ^..^ Instead of listening to the CD all the way through from the beginning to the end, I've decided to start with the Grand Pain single. I like to try and figure out why they make certain songs singles, and others not. I've noticed that in Japan, the best songs (in my opinion) are not always made into singles... The one exception being hide... even after he passed away, the kept re-releasing EVERYTHING into singles... I have a hide poster, too.. got it on ebay. It was for the Tell Me single, even though it came out eons ago.
I'm enjoying the new Lareine album...it's kind of sad how Kamijo is the only one left, but the music is still pretty, and it's still him singing. Even though this is a more rock-style disk (so far) You can tell that it's definitely still Lareine, and I like it quite a bit. (I didn't like some of the stuff on the last Lareine album...)I hope Kamijo makes more music... I need a band to hang on to...unfortunately, we're losing too many J-Rockers of late... makes me depressed....


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