HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

First pass done!

Now I have to go back into the document and change everything in there. Most of the things I changed on paper were written out pretty clearly. Going back, though, there are some that just say things like "Make this sound less retarded," or "Get back on the horse, stupid"

While the general comments from my own internal peanut gallery are helpful, they are not nearly as helpful as the notes I made where I re-wrote dialogue, etc. I just have to edit that in the program >..< Re-typing is easy! Having to go back and re-write chapter 8 and part of chapter 9 with just notes saying "Drop the timeskip and use this for some character development, retard" arn't so great. This is where procrastination sets in easily!

Look at that! Matt just got home from work and I've spent all day dicking around instead of writing! AAAHHHH


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