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Why is this ending taking forever to write?!? XD

Still plugging away! I thought I'd be done with the ending of the story within line 2-3 days. I've written almost 6k words now, and I'm still not done yet. I really do hope to have everything wrapped up and finished within the next 2-3 days so I can print it out. On the NaNo schedule, I am totally behind. I should be close to 12k words by now I think? Since I'm a rebel this year, it's not going to matter too much in the long run because I won't write 50k words this month. I can't imagine even with the scenes I need to add or the changes I need to make that it'll add up to 50k words. The novel is sitting at 61k words right now, and I can't see myself writing more than 5k more to wrap everything up. I added in a much-needed background scene for Shadrach last night. I was having trouble finding a good place to insert it, and picked a spot where Aseneth's story felt like it was dragging a little bit and interjected it. It seemed like a pretty good spot. We'll see how it reads later.

I know I need to work on my dialogue a little when I revise. One of the comments I got from a test reader suggested I find a way to add a little more charactarization to the main character. I have a pretty defined idea of who she is and how she should act, but it must not be coming through very well. That, or she's just a boring character, which it totally possible too. Apparently the interactions between characters I'm not even that fond of is more interesting than some of her interactions with the other main character XD Whoops. I'll have to find a way to deepen things there without making it too light hearted or snarky or anything like that. Most of the conversations between those two are pretty somber and serious. I can build on some tension between the two and throw in an argument or somthing, and I think it'll help. On my re-read, I'll just have to keep her character traits in mind and make sure she's doing everything in line with her character.

Oh, and I need to write in like 2-3 days in a location I thought needed more time. Of my two test readers, one hated the place completely and wanted it gone. The other agreed some more time there might not be a bad idea.

I feel like I'm getting a lot more done on this thing, but my feeling of awesomeness last year (Hey, I'm working on my NOVEL) has shifted a little to fail- (Think Brian from Family Guy. His "novel") I just want to finish somthing I am proud of and share it with the people that matter to me. I don't have any aspirations of being published.. but anyone reading this would have to admit being the next bajillionaire superstar writer would be awesome! I'm just not interested in working that hard to get there though. So F that, srsly >..> Let's stick with not writing somthing freinds& family will want throw in a fire due to it's unreadability and awfulness. I think I have a pretty good story, and a good, deep world. I have to tinker with things a little more to give them a little more emotional impact, etc.

I'm at almost 100 pages single spaced right now, according to this particular word processing program. My printer will not be happy with me when I double space it for editing and start printing it out. I hope I have enough paper!

Also- I purged my freind's list >..< I felt really bad about it, but I had people on there that had not posted since 2002. I still have some inactives on my list, but it was traumatic enough removing the 10+ people I removed today XP I'll clean it out some more later. If any of you that I removed magically come back and post after 8 years of inactivity, shoot me a message and I will add you again :P
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