HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Back in town!

But I didn't really tell anyone I left >..> Whoops!

Matt and I went up to Dallas to see Tania before she left for Atlanta(again). They sent her back to Dallas for training. It's kind of silly. Anyway! We ran up there to see her and have dinner. She ended up getting off her training early, so we went to Sam Moon and Ulta. I bought two obnoxious shades of nail polish, and one shade that matches my car. I was so thrilled to finally find a color similar to my mini! (China Glaze's ltd. ed. Christmas color Sparkling Garland or whatever. It's really pretty) But the obnoxious shades are bright orange and yellow.... which I also bought eyeshadow singles of D: I still haven't found a bright red I like yet. People say I am tacky, but I guess this is proof of it. I can't easily find high pigmentation shades of obnoxiously bright colors. I feel like yellow and orange have so much possibility though!

I also picked up another Urban Decay palette that didn't have a lot of shades I already had, and had more Uzi white, which I use the shit out of. That's one I'd buy a single of some day! We also found some fun hair accessories involving feathers and fake feathers.

We behaved ourselves at Sam Moon too! >..>

But now I'm back, and looking at the inevitability of having to go grocery shopping today so I have things to cook with for the rest of the week that don't involve yet more beef pot roast. I'm going to start halving these slow cooker recipies so I'm not swimming in leftovers for a month afterwards. Though.. the pasta sauce recipie I made in there was gone in about a week. It was awesome. I'd totally make it again sometime.

I keep forgetting to get uncle Jon's email address. I can't find the card he gave me and Matt keeps pestering me about pens. There isn't enough time to ask about Christmas now, but I bet he's got one made already that Matt would like. He definitely remembered them all this time. I was planning on getting him one and surprising him with it, but it won't be a suprise because he keeps asking about them!! >:O

I have started Christmas shopping already though.. I can't help it when I see something awesome and know it would make a great christmas present. It's the people that are really hard to shop for that I end up having to wait until the last minute for.

Oh, and as far as NaNo goes... I'm totally a rebel this year, but I'm getting a lot of writing done. Until I left yesterday, I was on track with word count as I worked on the ending of last year's book. I will not start a new one, though. I will continue with this one, and edit/revise after the ending is finished. Maybe 3 more pages? I should totally be cheap and just print it out a bunch of times and give that away to people.

Anyway.. procrastinated enough >..< Toodles!


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