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October is almost over already??

This month sure flew by fast. Unfortunately most of it was filled with the victims of my plague. After I got sick, I got Matt sick. Then I got most of Beth's wedding party sick, then somehow my brother managed to get sick, which means maybe Tania got sick from me after all. I felt all better when Ray was visiting, though. Even the congestion was pretty much gone, and I was getting my voice back from the previous week's cough-fest. I don't know. Tania's mom got sick later, and I hadn't even seen her, so I blame Tania's sick on that :P

A few days after the wedding, Ray& I went to the state fair up in Dallas. We had a lot of fun, and tried a lot of different, disgusting things. We arn't pros at the butchering of gators, so we're starting to think that the amazing gator skewers we got the first year we went together was a total fluke, or lumps of fat or somthing. Not one since then has been as good, and I think they get progressively spicer every year.

I love halloween season, but I haven't felt like costuming in ages. We still don' thave dining room chairs yet, so I couldn't sew even if I wanted to.. no place to sit with the machine. Maybe tomorrow I can convince Matt to go out with me and look at chairs and try to find a tablecloth that fits. I think I'll probably be making a tablecloth myself. Long, straight seams ho!

Anyway, Halloween- I was invited to a party this year, but I don't know if it's costume or what. I mean, if I go to a halloween party, I'm going to want to dress up :P I had an idea for a costume using mostly stuff I have around the house, but elaborate makeup. I'd still have to sew a shirt, alter the Gogo vest (It never got buttons, and it's a little too big) and find a banana clip or somthing to pull my short hair into a faux-hawk. Hint: FEATHERS

Heroes of Might& Magic 6 came out. Sorry, wait. They're calling it Might& Magic: Heroes VI. WTF. Anyway, it's got some bugs, but it's a lot of fun. I've been playing it way too much lately, and it's been cutting into my cleaning time. I still somehow managed to spot clean the carpets, get my vaccuming done, and vaccum out the couch, though.

So back to the end of the month again- Once November comes up, I'll be writing again. I don't think I'm going to do the NaNoWriMo challenge again, but I am going to work on my book. Even though I "won" the challenge last year by finishing my word count, I didn't finish the story. I got busy after that, and didn't really get a chance to finish it despite opening up the word program and writing on it every few days. I really want to finish the ending and give it at least one revision so I can send it out to the people I promised. I sent out the unfinished novel to two people in hopes they could give me some clues on what areas needed the most work. So far, they have been unhelpful :P The first one read it and got all excited about it, and didnt' give me any real feedback. The second one hasn't said a damned thing since I sent it to him, and I proofread stuff for him all the time >..> I'm totally going to get on his ass today.

Anyway.. if I at least finish the ending and tweak/edit a few scenes, I'll be finished enough with it to let a few family& freinds read it, but I'll still be nervous/embarassed. I just can't send it out the way it is now. I have everything written up to the epilogue, and the last page is a bunch of hastily written notes on what happened, what needs to get explained, and how it all ends. I'm terrified of having to re-write everything to tell it the way I want to, though, and I don't really know how much needs to be changed to make it flow well, and make everything understandable. It's not that I think I have a horrible writing style or anything like that. It's just that I'e never done anything like this before, and the lack of experience hurts, yo!

They had some schlocky show about Frankenstein on TV the other day and they talked about how Mary Shelly finished her first draft at the age of 19 and published at 20... and I was all like -..- WTFFFFF What have I been doing with my life? :P I'm not writing some classic, but if my freinds and family like it without humoring me, I'll be happy.


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