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I'm finally well, but everyone else is sick! Oops >..> Chicken Soup recipie time!

I'm thinking tomorrow I'll finally be done with all the congestion,b ut I've been feeling well for the last two days or so. I've still had lingering hoarseness from when I lost my voice, and still lots of congestion, but it's almost gone now.

Downside: Everyone around me is sick now >..< Sorry! I didn't want to get everyone sick!

Solution: I'm making home-made chicken soup. It's a simple and common recipie, but now's soup season, so maybe I'll inspire some of you :P

This is how I do it:


1 rotisserie chicken carcass+ some meat
~curry powder
~Some kind of starch (Egg noodles, OR rice, OR potatoes, OR parsnips/turnips/whatever)

It's really pretty simple! I had some extra chicken stock lying around, so I used that instead of some of the water. If I had an open bottle of white wine lying around, I probably would have tossed a cup or two of wine in there too! I almost always make this after we eat one of those rotisserie chickens from the grocery store. It helps use up the extra chicken and makes me feel less wasteful.

After you're done with your chicken, pick the carcass mostly clean and reserve the largest chunks of meat to the side. You don't want to be really thorough, because you want some of the meat boiling down with the soup.

Toss the carcass, skin and all, into a big soup pot, and fill it with enough water to just cover the carcass. Add about 2 tbs each of curry powder, salt, and like 1 tbs pepper...maybe less? It feels like I shook a bunch in. But hey! Better too little than too much. You can worry about adding more when it's almost done.

Boil down that mess for a few hours. I always just leave it on the stove and forget about it for 2-3 hours.

After that's done, get a second pot and a large collander, and strain all the soup into your other pot. Pick the carcass very clean, removing all good meat. Toss that meat back into the soup. Now, you can toss your carcass and skin and crap and not have to worry about it floating around in your soup!

Slice up an onion (2 med, one really honking huge one, 3 smalls.. whatever), some carrots, and some celery. I usually dump all my veggies in a bowl and put a proportionate ammount of each in. You'll probably end up using 3 or so carrots and stalks of celery, but I never count.

Dump all that in the soup pot.. Stir it and take a look at it. If it looks like it needs more chicken, toss some in from the stuff you reserved earlier. In my house, my husband prefers white meat. So, I put the dark meat in the soup. He'll be more likely to take the white meat out of the fridge and make a sandwich or whatever, and no one really cares what kind of meat is in the soup. More flavor is in the dark meat anyway >..>

Simmer all that down until the veggies are tender. Taste it occassionally from here on out, and season to however you like it. If your broth tastes too watery, you can always add a few chicken bullion cubes, or more salt., etc.

If you are using a root vegetable;
peel/chop/rinse, and add with the other veggies

If you are using egg noodles:
Boil you water in your other pot, and make a small ammount of egg noodles. When they are done, strain them and set them aside. When the soup is done, you can add the noodles to the bowl before you dish out the soup. This will keep the noodles from getting super mushy. You'll have to make noodles every time you heat up soup, though. If you just add it in and chuck it in the fridge, reheating will eventually make mushy noodles. And you don't really want to toss your noodles in the pot, because even if you rinse them, they'll muck up the water..

If you are using rice:
You can usually just get away with tossing some handfuls in the pot and cooking it with everything else. Make sure you rinse the rice very well before you toss it in to keep your soup from getting muddy.

So there you go! It's somthing you can make over the course of a day and feel like some super mega chef and talk about how it took ALL DAY LONG TO MAKE, and it's really super easy. You could totally cut corners by using all canned broth and just cooking it until the veggies are done if you don't want to spend all day making it, but I think it turns out much better when you boil down the carcass. Think of all the collagen you are getting with that! (Japan and it's obsession with collagen laced foods= strange)
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