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And once again, the day is saved thanks to.....

I have my Winamp set to display random skins. I shamelessly stole this idea from Mako-chan last year or so when I realized I had waaay to many skins I wasn't using. I kept to the same 3 skins.. My really kawaii Li (CCS) that I got off Winamp.. a REALY awesome Zelda one I also found on winamp.. I think.. and a gorgeous Kamijo skin I grabbed from inertia. After I started DLing all Mako-chan's skins, I definitely needed to switch so I could see them all in rotation..
To make a long story short, I almost burst into tears just a few moments ago... This is because I have my winamp set to play random songs off the playlist.. and I had an anime playlist up there..
And X's Forever love is on there..
And while it's a very sad, sad, song.... I probably wouldn't have felt like spontaneously bursting into tears if it hadn't had been for the fact that when I saw Forever Love on there and decided to play it.. a hide skin popped up w/the song... ::sniffle:: BWAAAAAAaaaaaaa


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