HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

Busy Busy

Our game room is almost done? It was our dining room, but now it's filled with party stuff :P

The only thing we haven't done is decorate. Matt doesn't think it's nessesary. I think it would be cool. The dining/poker/pool table was installed, and as expected, there's not enough room on the long sides for shots when the cue ball is close to the rail. We can't do a lot about this without knocking some walls out, so we're going to get a child's cue stick and name it stubby and use it for those shots.

I'm throwing a party/bridal/bachelorette/shower/thing tomorrow at the pub for Beth, then there's the Erasure concert this weekend. There was some mixup on the dates, so I hope everything still works out. For the party, I have the catering and party favors taken care of, and Alisha baked cupcakes yesterday. I helped taste test, and locate baking supplies. I was super helpful.

Our workout schedule has been kind of crazy lately, though. We've had enought ime to do it for the most part, but I messed my wrist up somehow, so I don't feel comfortable doing full weight on that wrist. Then there's days when someone feels crappy... and yesterday the LotR pin came in, and we spend the greater majority of the morning and early afternoon setting it up, putting it on freeplay, leveling the playfield, etc. I really think the Addams family machine, and maybe even the South Park machine need to be re-leveled, but it's tricky by yourself. I should have had Robert help at least do the Addams Family machine yesterday.

Tania officially got the job in Atlanta. I'm really excited for her promotion, but I'm going to miss her :( I selfishly don't want her to move because even though we don't see each other ALL THE TIME, she's still a BFF and I won't be able to see her but once or twice a year when she moves. It does mean that more than likely, I'll be going to Dragon*Con next year though >..>

Time to seriously think about that Dark Crystal Aughra costume! Wouldn't be awesome to have a Fizzgig on my shoulder that I could control with a pulley to open/shut the mouth?!? >..>
-..- That's a LOT of latex work, though.. and I've never done facial prosthetics before. I could probably get away with buying a few different prosthetic kits since it's halloween time, and then mix& match for somthing close-ish. But man.. cash on latex appliances is like a commitment XP

I wish it would cool off some more. Sometime during the summer, a stink bug died in between the windows in the kitchen, and it takes a lot to take them apart to vaccum in there, so I don't want to do it while it's hot out.

Also, WTF. I've bene taking this flonaise crap for weeks now and only my upper sinuses have dried out. I still wake up with clogged ears, and the doc said this was supposed to fix that -..-


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