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It's finally starting to cool off here

And by cool off, I mean it's below 90 multiple days in a row. If you'd asked me last year if I thought 87 was a great temperature, I would have said "Hell no!" But this last week has been heavenly. I feel kind of bad enjoying the nicer weather, though, since like.. half of Texas is on fire. Even though it's cooled off, we still haven't had any rain. I have my sprinklers set to water 3 times a week at 4AM, and my grass is barely hanging on. Out of the shrubs we planted last fall, I definitely lost one, and two others are looking like they are in bad shape. I water those with a dripper hose when I can remember. I don't like watering in the heat of the day because I know most of it will just evaporate... but lately that's been all the time, so it's been hard finding a good time to water.

Nugget's collar is off, and she's back to her mischevious self. She doesn't seem to notice anything different, because I've caught her trying to climb up things... unsuccessfully. A few of her toes look kind of gnarly still but I think some of that is the glue. There's a big honking chunk of glue on one toe that hasn't come loose yet, and it looks pretty silly.

Senpu is kind of manic now. He goes from being super affectionate one minute, to growling and hisssing if Nugget comes anywhere close. There are times when he'll come up and lick her, though, and times when they'll sleep together on the bed, so I don't really get what's going on with them. Senpu feels a little thin, too, but the vet wasn't really worried. He'd lost about a quarter of a pound I think, and they marked it down on his account in the computer or whatever, but they didn't seem really concerned about it, so I'll just have to keep an eye on him.

Our new dining room table came in. Did I mention Matt threw his back out helping me get the slates in? It's a combo dining/ pool/ poker table. If you take the top off and flip it over, it's a felt card top with spots for drinks and poker chips. If you take the top off completely, it's a pool table! They found someone to come and put it together for us, but we can't schedule anything yet because they didn't send us the felt for the pool table top. Sooo.. the peices are just going to sit around until the felt comes in. They've already shipped it via Fed Ex, so it shouldnt' be that long. My dining room is turning into a man-cave. I'm thinking about buying some hanging tiffany-style beer lamps and a Landshark beer surfboard to put over there :P What I REALLY want to do is get those walls redone. I'm thinking about calling up the remodelers we used for the vinyl siding and at least get a quote, or some idea of what we can do with that room. I love that national geographic green paisley damask wallpaper, seriously >..>

I keep saying our super busy summer is over, but it's kind of seagued into a pretty busy fall. A freind is getting married Oct 1st, and I'm a bridesmaid! Her maid of honor wasn't able to make it, so I've kind of taken over all the party planning duties last minute. She won't let me throw her a sexy party with a naked fireman, though, so I'm going to try to find a happy medium that screems "My freind Becky is a tard and I am embarassed to be seen in public"

I mean, that sounds about right... right?? I was looking through my old wedding photos the other day, and a card fell out from the little party we had at Cricket's. It was an Aaron Carter "You're so rad" kind of thing from my awesome bridesmaid's XD I lol every time, srsly guys <3

Even if I'm bad at thinking of original things to do for Beth, I really want to do somthing dumb and memorable like that so she won't think of the people that wern't able to come, but remembers the other fun things that happened. On the VERY slim chance she decides to check LJ after like 10 yrs, I shall not divulge details here until after it's over ;O

So tomorrow, wedding shower. 23rd: bridal party shower bachelorette retardation get together, 24th: ERASURE CONCERT SUPER EXCITED ZOMGZ, Oct 1st: Wedding, Oct 4-6: Going up to DFW area to eat disgusting fried stuff at the Texas State Fair (new tradition)

So after all of that, everything is clear until halloween :P Multiple people are talking about having parties. I'm not going to throw one, but I'll go to someone else's. I may still do a small-ish New Year's get together, so everyone can enjoy our new toys. By then, we'll definitely have the table and the new pinball machine set up, if nothing else.

I am thinking about turning that one end closet back into a minibar. It's not a wet bar, but I think there's room underneath for a minifridge. I don't know. I don't even know if we have a key to that small mysterious cupboard underneath. Maybe if I open it, it'll take me to another land where I have a second set of parents, or it'll take me to Narnia, or maybe a small tunnel into an overgrown garden. Who knows? Or.. it could be filled with dead cockroaches. Unfortunately, the latter is all too likely.

We're still working our way through leftovers, too T..T We have so much shredded pork left over. I was not impressed by the Salt Lick BBQ sauce, so I'll try mixing it with Stubb's mesquite next. I did eat the last of the beef brisket pot roast for dinner tonight, though, and it was awesome. There's also still a container of THE BEST FRENCH ONION SOUP I HAVE EVER MADE , but I was kind of shocked when Matt didn't want it last night.

Ok.. I'm almost done, I promise. But just a few words on the soup.

When I made the pot roast in the slow cooker, I saved all the juices. They suggested thickening it into a gravy and eating everything like a stew. I did not do that. I strained all the juices and saved them. It yeilded about 2 1/4 cups of broth. I simmered it with 1/2 cup of red wine, another 1 cup of water, 2 beef bullion cubes, 3 sliced sauteed onions, and some salt and pepper. When it was done, I ladeled it into soup bowls, covered it with some toasted baguettes, 2 slices of provalone cheese, and baked it until the cheese was bubbly and brown. I swear it took like 20-30 min after that for it to cool down enough to eat without maiming yourself, but it was amazing. Best french onion soup yet! I took pictures, too :X If I had a blowtorch it would have looked browner! And not just where the cheese got thin XD Oh well, it was delicious

French Onion Soup French Onion Soup OMG IT WAS SO GOOD


Nugget Nugget Reverse Superman!



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