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Poor Nug-E-Nuggs! (That's totally her rap name)

I calleed the vet to give them an update today. They said Nugget needed to keep the collar on for another 3-4 days. They said I could take it off during the days under supervision, as long as she wasn't chewing on herself. Well.. she likes to chew on herself XD So.. no mercy for the Nugglet. Watching her try to wash her face is comedy gold, and I wish I could catch it on my camera, but she either stops as soon as I get it, or when I have one handy, she doesn't do it. She just sits there and licks the cone and beats herself in the head with her paw. It's hilarious.

She's healing up very nicely, and is feeling well. I can tell because she's back to waking me up at 5 AM by using me as a jungle gym. She's also getting into everything possible and using her cone as a battering ram on poor Senpu, who just gets freaked out and runs away.

In other, non-cat related news, our new dining room table is being delivered by the freight company tomorrow. We paid for lift-gate service, so I really hope they got everything right. Somoene else is supposed to come and put it together and install it for us. I want to get all-new chairs, but we will have to wait on that for now. I kind of had a rough picture in my head of the style I like, but I haven't really shopped around yet. I was watching that old Addams Family movie the other day, and to my total surprise, the dining room chairs I liked were the same type they had in the house there XD I'm so goth I fart vampire bats.

To prepare for all of this, we've moved the Addams Family pinball machine to the opposite wall and dissassembled the glass table. We don't know how we're going to get rid of it. Just that we don't want it, and no one we know wants it. :X If it were a smaller table-top, I could put some awesomely tacky panther base under it and make it a coffee table. Oh well ;(

So I've already moved everything out of the way. I just need to re-locate the second cat box, vaccum and roll up the nice persian rug my parents gave us as a housewarming gift, and then roll it up and store it until we figure out where to put it. I'm pretty certain it's smaller than the new table, so it won't work out under it, but I'm thinking about putting it in the area next to it where the pinball machines are. I won't know if it works there or not until the table is set up, though.

I also have a lot more hand-scrubbing to do to the floors now that I have access to the entire floor over there. I'm hoping I don't have to relocate the cat food, my wine rack, and my new bird table. I've had to move my bird table once already because we put a cat tower where I had it XD

Matt and I keep joking that we need a bigger house. I love our house, but there are a few rooms I wish were a little larger. If he keeps joking like that, though, I'm afraid one day he will be serious and then we will have to find another house I love just as much, and move :X It sure would be nice to have a bigger master bed/bath and a workout room. I need to start buying lottery tickets!

I'm using my fairly new crock pot to make a pot roast tonight. I'm pretty excited about it. It'll be torturous since it has to cook all day, and it already smells good. Really, though...

If I get dishes done, and floors scrubbed today, I'll feel like it was fairly productive.

Senpu is very upset all the furniture is missing from that room.


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