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More vet stuff!

Nugget went in to the vet yesterday for her spay/declaw. It was a pretty hard decision for me to have her declawed. I went back and forth on the issue a lot. She's good and gentle with people and doesn't claw them, but she claws everything else. I tried to break her of the habit and get her to claw things she's supposed to be clawling, like cat towers, but she wasn't having any of it. At first, it was just kind of annoying that everytime she got up from sitting down, she'd claw whatever surface she was on. It moved into the mega-annoying category when she decided to wake us up every morning at 5 AM by climbing up the screen door in the bedroom and slowly pop her claws out to make pinging noises. Every time I'd run her off from there, though, she thought it was a game and came right back. She's just run out of the room or hide under the bed. She also played a game when you were in the shower. If you touched any part of the shower curtain at all, she'd take a flying leap, claws first, into your ass.

Some people would say that is not enough reason to declaw a cat. I don't feel the need to explain it anymore than that, honestly. If she could refrain from destroying everything around her every waking second, it would be fine. She spends so much time climbing up things that arn't meant to be climed (speakers, curtains, screen doors, brick walls, chairs) that I'm at my wit's end with this cat. I felt bad and guilty about declawing Senpu. He is a happy active cat now, but he doesn't like having his paws touched, and that's got to be my fault. The process has progressed with the times, now, and they use lasers to do it which is supposed to promote faster recovery time and less pain. I've talked to people on both sides of the declawing issue, and it seems to be the best way to go with Nugget. I'd thought about the soft paws claw caps for a while too. They're pretty cute because your cat looks manicured :X

They called yesterday and said she came out of surgery just fine and was doing great. You know, when I dropped her off, they asked if I wanted to spend $18 to give her optional pain meds. WTF. That doesn't just come with? Of course I want to give her pain medication. Apparently tons of people choose not to do this, though. The tech that was there said that people will come in with those pampered dogs with little sweaters and stuff, and choose not to give darling poopsie pain medication for surgery. Those types of people probably spend hundreds of dollars a year on dumb pet sweaters and other stupid accessories, but they won't SPLURGE on an 18 dollar pain med regiment? There was optional bloodwork for 40 dollars to make sure kidney and liver function was normal. It also surprised me that this wasn't a normal part of the procedure either. I mean, if a person was going into surgery, all of this stuff would be done automatically, right? Anyway, she's a kitten, so I figured she didn't have anything abnormal going on, but I OK'ed the bloodwork anyway, just to make sure. It probably wasn't nessesary, but on the offchance somthing was wrong, they would have caught it.

Nugget comes home today. I'm going to have to figure out what to do about the litter situation when she comes home. You buy these green newspaper pellets that are supposed to be better for the cats to use until their paws heal. With senpu, we just changed out his litter to that for a week, or however long it was. I don't know what I'm going to do this time with two large boxes and a stubbern orange cat that likes to pee on things when he is displeased. I've gone back and forth between isolating Nugget in a bedroom with a litter pan of the newspaper stuff for a few days, to just dumping the newspaper stuff on top of the regular littler so everything that runs through clumps up. I'll figure it out when she comes home. In the meantime, I need to workout and shower before I can even call and see if she's ready to come back yet.


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