HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

We're thinking about redecorating a little bit

The entry way that we never really knew what to do with is now the game room. I mean.. before, it had a pinball machine.. then it had two.. but now we're gettin a 3rd machine,a nd it's a full-blown gameroom, seriously. I still have my exercize equipment there, for lack of a better place. I honestly wish we had like one more room. Or two. Or three if one is a bigger master bedroom >..< Do we NEED that much space? Nope! But we have a lot of crap.

Some of this crap, I'm selling on ebay, yay! We're slowly paring down the crap. In the meantime, I continue to clean up and organize the crap we do have to make the house look cleaner and bigger :P

Matt's been looking at a combo dining-poker-pool table that is kind of cool. I've been wanting to get a proper dining table for a while. We have a glass one now that he had in the apartment. It's nice for crafts, since you can spill anything you want with it, and it pretty much comes right off. It's bad for.. everything else, though. It's really heavy, it chips dangerously if you bump or move it incorrectly, it's very hard to keep clean, and the legs arn't very sturdy. If we got the poker/pool dinner table, though, we'd have a solid wood thing. I'd have to worry more about suffs, scratches, and marks, and I wouldn't be able to do crafts there without some serious covering to protect the table, but we'd have a card table, a nice dining table, and a pool table XD

We don't have a ton of room, but Matt measured everything out and it all looks like it'll fit. It comes with two sticks and a bunch of other stuff, so we'll basically be revamping the dining area by moving the pinball machines around and changing up the furniture.

I felt that now that there's a definite theme going on there, we should redecorate, too. What I'd like to do is bring in some renovators to tell me what is under the wood paneling on the walls. Nothing? drywall? I have no idea! I'd like to have wooden paneling on the bottom with some trim a little under midway up.. and flat walls up the rest of the way so I can put up some wallpaper. The wood paneling would be dark. I'd like a rich brown with some red in it, or red with some sort of wash to match the ceiling beams. I'm thinking for a game room area, I could get a damask in some exciting color, and then we could put up all sorts of fun stuff on the walls after that if we wanted. Light up signs, whatever. I want it to look like a pool hall or bar >..> If I'm matching the red/brown faux cherry of the beams, I shouldn't really go with a red damask. National Geographic has a nice green/gold wallpaper that I really like. The colors look like they would go well with the rest of the house and the beams and all that shit. What do you think? It's even pretty cheap for a roll of damask style print. It's not too terribly busy, and it says it's non-vinyl, so I'm guessing it's matte. While I think a busy, fuzzy velvet damask print would be a ton of fun, I haven't been able to find anything in a color I like. I bet if I did find somthing, it would be expensive as hell!

Anyway.. I should probably measure the walls and get moving on the wallpaper before it becomes unavailable.. even if I don't get around to contractors coming in for years XD
It would be better to have that all done before we put all the new furniture in, honestly... But I don't think I could convince Matt it's that important :P He wants to get the toys!


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