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Someone has gotten it into his head that every time he's butthurt about somthing, he can pee on the bathroom rugs. I'm 99% certain it's Senpu, but sometimes I catch Nugget trying to help bury it. I'm doing my best with the litter boxes. He's peed on the rug before when they were pretty dirty. That's my fault, not his. I'm starting to get aggravated by his highness' standards now, though.

It would really help spread the poo out if he would be willing to use the second box I have. RIght now, Nugget is using both of them and Senpu is only using his, despite getting a tour of the second box when I got it. I think part of the reason he doesn't want to use the second box is because it came from a freind and had other cat smells in it.

I was reading a website a week or so ago about the "best" way to handle cat litter, written by some fanatic. It even has pictures of the best way to scoop XD While I'm not going to do all of those things yet, the first thing I can do is just toss both of these boxes and get two new ones. I think the second box is too small for Senpu. His original box is a little small for him, too. His old one probably permenantly stinks from smells leeching into the plastic, too. If I replace both of them, maybe he will use the second one as well.

I also need to make a pointed effort to scoop every day instead of every other day or every 3 days or every time I go into the bathroom and it looks/smells awful. I didn't need to clean it all that often when it was just Senpu. Once every few days was fine. But Nugget loves to shit, and they arn't always the most solid bowel movements...

I imagine Mr. Kitty is upset that there's always somthing squishy and gross and not his in the middle of his box, so he's probably just acting out and showing me how unhappy he is, but having to deal with the stench of rank cat piss in the guest bath is getting really old.

I'm hoping that changing this stuff out will make a difference. I'm also going to pick up some enymatic cleaner and try to scrub the floor really well with it.

I was supposed to make a bajillion ebay listings yesterday for crap we don't want, but I didn't get around to it. I'm not sure I'll get around to it today. -..- I have a lot to do and I'm feeling kinda lazy.

I also hate dealing with cat potty problems, even though I know it's just his way of telling me he isn't happy, and it's not his fault that he's compelled to do it. It's somthing I could be doing better. But still. Fucking cat piss!


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