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Ambition, uh oh!

All the cosplay stuff is being moved into the spare bedroom. When I'm done, there shouldn't be any cosplay stuff anywhere else in the house. I've also cleaned out the corner of the entry room so all the VHS tapes have homes out of the way now. We're throwing out at least two sets of shelves and a table. What's the occassion?

We're getting a third pinball machine XD

When we went down to Austin and did the bar thing, my brother's favorite bar had a Lord of the Rings pinball machine. We used a ton of quarters and had a lot of fun with it. We were toying around the idea of tracking one down, and a few days later we saw another one at the Game Closet. That one had some issues and very badly needed to be serviced, but we chucked a couple of bucks in there and had fun with it all over again.

Today, we thought "Why the hell not?" and Matt started looking for one.

There wasn't really a spot for one, though. I had stacks of drawers filled with fabric and patterns and findings under/around the South Park machine. Recently, I'd cleaned that stuff up really well and condensed it to a much smaller space, but it was still there... and it was still preventing any further use of the space. We decided to get rid of a set of shelves in the guest room that was just filled with random crap and put all my bins of fabric there instead. We got rid of another shelf that was barely being used at all and put my pattern& finding bins there. I was also able to take some boxes of supplies and props out from under the machine and find homes for some of it. It looks weird in there now.

In the process, we've thrown away stuff we didn't need anymore, found things we'd forgotten we had, and found other things that were never used but are possibly worth money. I need to get rid of a few more costumes, but if I can find room to store the rest of what's out, I'll worry about that later. Finding room for the odd-shaped armor bits, hats, crowns, etc is a bit of a problem though. I still have a pile of things to find homes for in the guest bedroom, but it's getting better.

The dress form will have to stay in the pinball area. There's just no room for it in the spare bedroom.

I've found:

~5 more figures that need to be tacked up on the wall in the computer room (2 suikoden, 3 beavis& butthead)

~2 board games that belonged in a different cabinet

~5 large boxes of Legend of the Five Rings miniatures. Apparently the game still has an underground following, and we have the potential to sell them for a few hundred dollars, and possibly earn a profit over what was originally paid for them. They've never been used.

~2 boxes of Warhammer crap, which will be mailed to a freind of ours who is still into that sort of thing

We've thrown away:
~4-6 random empty boxes that we no longer need, freeing up room to move boxes of VHS tapes off the floor and into hiding places

All of the things I've moved around and found other homes for make me feel pretty accomplished. Once I finish moving the cosplay stuff to the spare bedroom and get everything put away, I'll be able to properly finish scrubbing the floor where the pinball machines currently are. We'll scoot the South Park one over a bit and put the LotR ones next to it, where the cosplay crap used to be. After that, if Matt wants a 4th machine, we'll either have to sell one, get a new house, or add on to the one we have :P To be fair, though, the only machine we don't have, will probably never get, but desperately want is Medival Madness. It's such a great game, but it's damned hard to find. Stern bought out Williams, so maybe they will re-issue it. It only had about a 4000 machine run in the first place, so they are very hard to find.

Anyway, I have my cleaning projects for a while now. I'm thinking about getting a free-standing air purifier to try to help take some of the dust out of the air. All this moving around of stuff that's been in the same place for a long time is wreaking havoc on my allergies.

I keep finding multiplayer tabletop games all over the place. Card games, board games, all sorts of crap. So, I suggested to Matt that we do some sort of game night and get some use out of this stuff. You know, have some freinds over, play some games, eat some pizza. Socialize, etc. He thought it was a good idea, so we're going to have some freinds over tomorrow and hopefully play some of these games he's bought and never used. He really does love his games, and he always gets excited about new ones that look like fun. He has a really bad habit of buying them, reading the rules and learning how to play them, then never playing them. I'm slowly breaking him of that by stopping him when we're at the store and asking him to think about when we will get a chance to play it, etc. If he still wants it, that's all him. I don't badger him about it.. but he thinks a little more and buys a little less.

I'm not old, but as I get older, I desire less and less useless stuff, so if I can curb it coming into the house, awesome sauce. >..> I had no interest in talking him out of the pinball machine. That looks like a lot of fun, and I'm super excited to play it.

I'm also kind of excited to get all the craft/cosplay stuff in one room. I really do feel like I've grown out of that phase of my life. I had a lot of fun with it, but it's pretty much over for me. I haven't really felt like making anything at all, really, but I know I'm still a craftsy person. I've been looking at some fan illustrations from World of Warcraft. They're made to look like applique tapistries, and I think it might be fun to take some of my fabric scraps and tackle them. It would be a good way to whittle down some of my findings, and make some really cool things. Actually, I guess they are more stained-glass style, but I think they would make awesome textile projects. Check it out

If I printed it out in the scale I wanted to make it, I'd have a pattern to follow already. I would do all the base colors in all sorts of fabric, applique'ed on with heat'n'bond, then I'd paint the "stained glass" type outlines with fabric paint. I'd also hand-stitch in beading and fancy trim where appropriate. I think it could be a lot of fun, and a large scale project that will help eat up fabric scraps and findings. I just have to pick one to start on. They're all pretty complex, and some will require gradiation and hand-painting on the fabric. I'm not always the most patient person when it comes to craft projects, so I think somthing like this could be good for me.

When I think of it.. somthing like this would have very little machine sewing to it...I'd probably go over everything with a small stitch before I painted over the seams.. and I'd have to sew a lining to the back. The backing would have all sorts of stitching and knots and stuff from the beadwork and any stay stitching I do on it, so it'd definitely need some sort of lining and fancy border.


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