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The Baby in the Sun (obeyobey)

I witness first hand something terrible this morning. I saw the programming of our youth.. the brainwashing of the young.. it was almost too horrible for words. The future that is to come is truly frightening. Far into the distant future, it seems there has been some sort of apocalypse. No proof of mankind exists on the earth. In fact, it seems to be lush, green, and over-populated by brave rabbits. It seems that the only life left are four multu-colored beings that sport their genitals on their heads. They apparently speak through telepathy of some sort, and like to run into each other at top speeds and giggle when they fall over from the force of contact. Upon further investigation, however, there seems to be somthing far more sinister at hand. Strange speakers pop up from the ground, and pinwheel-topped poles distribute some sort of hallucinogen. The gently rollings hills are actually home to some odd underground civilization where the four colored beings reside. They seem to live in fear of the speakers and the drug-distributing pinwheels. When they happen to be trapped in the pink mist of death, they all begin runnign in panic. This often causes them to bump into each other and fall over, holding their sides as if in agony and making foul, high-pitched noises in rapid succession. That, however, is their doom, for they have been ensnared by the drug. As we witness the effects of the pink drug, the creatures begin to roll around, and the grey spots on their stomach change colors. The creatures' genitals also begin to light up, and they seem delighted. Could it be that this is some form of mind control to keep the masses happy and oblivious? Or is there somthing else...?
Shortly thereafter, somthing truly strange occurs. The panel on a creatures' stomach then begins to light up once more and clear. The one lucky creature who experiences this is exhaulted by the other three and they sit and stare. What can possibly describe the horror I witnessed next? It seems the mindless creatures are actually vessels.. Space-distorting abominations that do not even realize what they are being used for! The capture and imprisonment of the entire human race! And it seems that the young humans inside are put to some strange sort of slave labor.. all for the machinations of that evil baby in the sun! Woe! Horror!
Someone must stop this before it consumes and reprograms our young. Someone must keep these odd creature from sucking our children into their labor camps!
Death to the teletubbies!

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