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Is there a souffle dish in Waco?

I think not! We haven't checked Target or Wal-Mart, so maybe we'll have better luck at one of those. Bed, Bath& Beyond, however, totally failed us. I always thought of souffle dishes as things people get at weddings and never use, so I figured they would be everywhere. Maybe because no one ever uses them, you can't get them anymore :P

I was going to try cooking last night! Jeremy's mom gave me two French cooking books. They are in french, of course, so it's hard to figure some things out. The worst one was Nutmeg. It didn't make any sense in French, and there wasn't a direct translation that Jeremy knew, so he was looking in the nuts section trying to find it. I hope he doesn't want freshly grated nutmeg, because all I have is the kind that comes in a spice jar that's already grated :P

The funny thing is.. he's all excited to have us try some French cuisine, but he doesn't know how to cook. And apparently I need to know the proper technique to make a bechamel sauce to do this souffle and I have never made bechamel or hollendaise in my life -..- I know it's supposed to have a certain velvety texture, so we'll give it a shot and see what happens.

I also bought a crock pot. We're going to try making beef burgundy either today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow. Again. Jeremy doesn't know how to cook XD So the "easy recipies" cookbook she gave me will help too. Jeremy's father apparently makes awesome beef burgundy, though, so he'll probably call him and ask for tips.

American food has given him a serious case of the trots the whole time he's been here. I'd feel bad for him, but he's doing it to himself XD I watch him take huge chugs of OJ saying "This stuff always give me stomach problems. My dad won't let me drink it. I LOVE ORANGE JUICE"

He's crazy!

We're having fun, though. He came in last on Friday. We went out to Texas Roadhouse and blew his mind with a massive ammount of food. We ran around a bit on Sat& Sun. Most of the weekend was spent driving two separate cars trying to find someplace in town that was
1) Had the proper equipment for handling run flat tires
2) Open

It was tough :/ We ended up getting it done yesterday instead.

Wacky things about France I have learned:

* Tin foil boxes do not have the serrated edge for you to cut the foil off on. You just kind of have to rip at it like a monkey

* France does not have proper bacon, but a much larger selection of types of lard. lol

* You cannot get proper katsup in restaurants. There is Heinz and a French brand. The French brand sucks (according to Jeremy), and it is the only one restaurants carry

* France does not have peanut butter or honeydew melons. I took great pleasure in having him try honeydew with lime juice for the first time. I will let you know what he thinks of peanut butter later. He wants a PB&J.. never had one. I don't know if I have proper grape jelly, though. May have to get some >..>

* We should be terrified of ever visiting there, because the cheese is stinkier, everyone is a thief, and if you forget to lie and say you are from Canada, you have to pay 2-4 times more for everything


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