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HIDE your face

Ok, so no surprise

But I didn't get floors or counters done. I was feeling pretty down yesterday and asked Matt if he thought the house looked good enough. He said yes, so I gave up XD I definitely need to do dishes and cat litter. If I am feeling ambitious, I'll at least do floors. Though.. I really need to try to scrub the stovetop.

I took Nuggest in for booster shots on Weds. She's officially doubled in size since we got her. I should post more pictures, beacause she's pretty damned cute. Right now, though, she's a total pain in my ass. I just heard a crash, and Tidus has been knocked off one of the speaker towers again. He's been knocked off more times than I can count, and each time, somthing new breaks. The first time, the tassel on his Brotherhood sword broke. I glued it back on. He got knocked over again and the tassel broke off again. I gave up on that. Our bug guy bumped the speaker and Tidus took another spill. This time, he completely lost a leg. I was able to just kind of prop him up on it, though, and he looked fine, so I set him back up and forgot about him. He's been knocked down a few times since then and nothing new broke. This time, however, Nugget climbed up the speaker towers with her claws and knocked him off. The Brotherhood sword broke again, on the handle. The handle is now half as short, and there's an assortment of peices on the speaker handle XD

At what point do I just give up and toss it??? It's so hard for me to toss anime/game stuff because I think back to how hard it was to find 10-15 years ago. Also.. I have all these FF10 figures XD I don't have a Lulu or a Wakka, but I have the super bad guy version of Seymour (also been broken by cats, but not badly or noticably. The peg holding his wacky scorpion creature broke, so it doesn't sit very well anymore). Unfortunately, the Yuna I have isn't in such hot shape either. I didn't get all the large figures for FF10. They were pretty expensive, and I think we only bought Auron at full price. All the others I got on clearance when the Gamestop I worked at stopped carrying toys. The Yuna I have is the X-2 version in the hotpants. I think I got her at a convention or somthing. I don't even remember. Anyway! She doesn't have any peices broken off, but she's kind of listing over. The plastic is slowly giving way at the ankles, causing her to bend forward a little more every year. I guess I could toss her and Tidus, and just have Khimari, Auron, and Seymour XD But tossing the two main leads? Oh it hurts! And the Tidus was such a nice figure before cats XP

So now you know where my hoarder tendancies lie >..> Anime and game stuff.
It's even hard for me to toss away those little paper inserts that come with keychain sets. You know, the colorful ones that show all the figures in the set. Even when I have the whole set, I feel compelled to keep the papers, and I don't know why. I tossed a bunch last week. It was hard, but they're gone, and the world hasn't ended :P I'm slowly getting better about getting rid of them.

PS: I am on the lookout for fun magnets for my fridge. I have this awesome rubber IRon Man one where he looks like he's doing some karate stance, but with his legs far apart. I think he's taking a dump. Anyway, my favorite magnets right now are my Sailor Moon 3-D ones, and my little round metal Bleach ones. Finding magnet sets seems kind of hard at conventions. I don't think they're common or popular items. Besides, I haven't been to a convention in a few years T..T I almost just want to go to a big one for the dealer's room once every 2 years or so. I still use the Fullmetal Alchemist card holder I bought like 5 years ago... And I'm sure you all know of my addiction to cute cloisonne zipper pull charms. I realized some sort of awesome goal when I took a dozen of them and put them on a charm bracelet. They are almost always silver or black-toned metal. I do have like two gold-toned bleach ones, and 3 gold-toned Tsubasa ones, though. I could probably pick up some swarovski crystals and other baubles and make a gold charm bracelet too :X Earrings and necklaces? Too much. But CHARM BRACELETS!

.... It makes me want to buy more zipper pulls -..-

You should see my Authenticator fob for World of Warcraft. It's a little keyfob with a button on it. When you press it, it displays a randomly generated number that you enter into WoW when you log in. It is like a second password. It keeps your account much safer from anyone trying to steal it, because it's very difficult to bypass that system. Anyway, I totally blinged out my authenticator. It's Abarai Renji themed XD (From Bleach). There are at least three separate phone straps on there.. and like 2-3 different zipper pulls. There are two 3-D plastic figurines of him on there, and 2 cloisionne straps/pulls.. one strap is like a military ribbon with his division symbol on it and a picture of him hanging from the bottom... Another one is a vinyl phone strap. There's a bell on one of the straps, and the whole thing makes the best tinkly noises when you pick it up. It's also hard to lose this way. Whenever I see somthing Abarai Renji I don't have, I get it just for the authenticator XD He's not even my favorite character! .... Though... Kurotsuchi Mayuri anything is really hard to find :(

I am just rambling on and on today, seriously -..-

My workout partner will be here any minute now. After we work out, I'll probably do some housework before showering... then I'll shower and do my hair and sit around fidgeting nervously until I have to go pick my freind up from the airport when his flight lands at 5:30. After that, the quiet of my house shall be broken for 2 weeks. By the end of all this, we'll probably be exhausted and sick of company at the house. Until then, though, I think we will have a lot of fun.

Things to do:

Cameron Park Zoo
Waco Mammoth Site
Mayborn Museum
Texas Ranger Museum
Dr. Pepper Museum
Various Local Restaurants
Various Local Shopping
Fossil Rim
Dinosaur Valley State Park
Ft. Worth Stockyards (Rodeo, Wild West Show, Billy Bob's & more)
Dallas stuff (undecided.. I want to go to the Dallas Aquarium, and maybe the West End shopping stuff, or this Cowboy Chow place in Deep Ellum.. I donno)

More forthcoming :P


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