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My OMFG 3 Days Cleaning List


~Scrub the remaining parts of the hardwood that I missed (This probably won't happen!)

Guest Bedroom:

~Fold all the clean laundry
~put away laundry, or at least put it somewhere out of sight XD
~Change sheets on guest bed
~Change pillowcases on guest bed

Guest Bath:

~Scrub counters
~clean the floors again
~change towels
~get separate clean towels on the shelves for guests


~Get my big suitcase unpacked and put away FFS
~Tidy kitchen counter
~Do dishes

~scrub stovetop
~wipe down heavy use counters
~Clean out fridge
~Gotta wedge in my WoW dailies somehow
~Clean out cat litter

For Tomorrow!:

~Nugget to vet for booster shot
~Grocery shopping for the nescessities we are low on

~Any housework I didn't get done today
~Also, more WoW dailies XP

This awesome plan should put all the major stuff done by Thursday! You and I both know I won't finish EVERYTHING today though XP


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