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Slowly going crazy, I swear

I want to let everyone know about all the awesome stuff we did in Wisconsin, but it doesn't seem like I've had much time to myself. I say that, but I spent the good part of the morning playing World of Warcraft trying to escape my wifely duties.

On the day we left, we were originally scheduled to board for our Waco flight in DFW at 4:10. I forget the exact details, but after arriving from Milwauke it left us with a 2+ hour layover. Apparently everything was running hella late, though,a nd our terminal was packed, and the previous flight info was on the monitor. I didn't really get it all, but apparently the 1:50 flight was running nearly an hour late. We decided to get on that one and get home way earlier instead. AA kind of screwed us though. They don't mind moving us around when there are problems on their end, but us wanting to move up cost us 50 bucks a peice. We were so tired, though, we did it anyway.

It didn't occur to us until we boarded, however, that we had no idea WTF was going to happen to our luggage. I still need to call AA about that...

The luggage didn't arrive with us, but came in on the next flight, so Ray and I just picked it up from the airport and took off. Apparently AA still thinks it's missing, and keeps sending appology phone messages every day. I need to call them back and tell them that it is not, in fact, missing.


After we got home, I couldn't get a moment's peace. The house was a wreck from the cats, and there were piles of toilet paper and broken figurines all over the place. Somehow, after Nugget knocked over the toy basket, she managed to crash the Roomba on top of them all and drag stuff all over the house. I had to clean all that up, finish the dishes, and all sorts of other crap. I was going to work out that night, but I was just too wiped out.

Oh yeah.. I got to spend 3 hrs on the phone with "Carlos" trying to figure out why Matt's graphics card wasn't working properly. Matt won't do shit about shit when shit's shitty. He loves to bitch and moan and not do anything. I'm a do-er. If somthing is wrong that I have direct power over, I will do somthing about it, rather than sit there like my life has been ruined. Oh, not him! So I decided to bite the bullet and take care of it. For my own sanity.

Anyway.. he didn't even say thank you. He groused all night like HE was the one talking to tech support.

They mailed out a new card. The next day, I worked out, but I also got to deal with line techs from the cable company, and see my Dad, who arrived to pick up his hot dogs. More cleaning.

Next day, graphics card shows up, and I spend most of the morning putting the new part in. Things seem to work fine. (I should mention that I was woken up at like 5 AM because cats were knocking over water and I had to get a towel because Matt wasn't going to)


Matt gets home, and there are already performance problems. I thought everything was great, but I could see jaggies along water lines in game. He fiddles with the settings. Now nothing looks right and he's upset that I have better, more recent drivers from him, and none are to be found on the dell site.

All I can say is that I'll talk to tech support about it when they call on monday. It's not good enough, I guess. We're still working on things, and I've spent the greater part of the afternoon cleaning the damned house.

I still feel wiped out, and now I feel like I need a vacation from my post-vacation.

Right now in my life, I want three simple things:

1) To sleep solidly through the night without cats, God, or any other power decided I need to wake up at 4 AM and once every hour between then and 8AM

2) To have one calm, happy day without bitching

3)To feel caught up and satisfied with the state of the house

It would be even better if all three things were on the same day!

But so far, I just feel like I'm waking up 3-4 times through the night for various reasons and spending all day feeling sick and run down while I bust my ass cleaning shit up. I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere with anything, and I'm feeling like crap while doing it.

Tomorrow, I will have to try to get Matt's graphics card performing as it should while he is at work. If things don't turn arount, I'll be talking to tech support about it on Monday, when they call back to see how things are working. After that, I only have until Friday to get the house ready for our French guest.

Speaking of....

I need to call the Stockyards Hotel and tell them that my address is incorrect in my check in information. I also need to call Fossil Rim and ask them when the latest time we are able to check in is, and perhaps schedule dinner for 3. Once I know how late we are able to check in, I'll know whether or not I can take the guys to the Wild West Show at 2PM on Sat. I really wanted to go to Dinosaur Valley, but it looks like we'll have to cut that part out, or maybe go sunday before we drive home.. I don't know.

Now Matt is cursing at somthing else and saying he wants dinner, so I'd better go XP

I know he says he appreciates me, but these last few days it certainly doesn't feel like it


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