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So I forgot to post it here

But we ended up getting the kitten back. Since she was half raised outside, she had a bad case of earmites, and had fleas. That was treated, and we got her the first round of shots, etc. We had to litter train her, which was kind of a pain, but everything is going ok now. Senpu doesn't like Nugget at all, but he's learning to deal.

Unfortunately, there's still occassional pee on the bathroom rug. I don't even think this is because of the kitten. I am so fucking sick and tired of replacing the rugs in the guest bath. I can't have nice things in there. I've always had to be really careful to make sure whatever goes in there isn't too plush, or Senpu will pee on it. Right now, I have some corded rugs from india that have no pile.. there is now pee on them. I don't know what to do, other than just move the litter box out of that room completely and keep the door shut. But where do I put the litterbox then? I don't have a laundry room, and I already have a second box under the pinball machine in the dining area. I really have to hope this just doesn't get worse since the kitten is here.

I had a nice rug that the cat peed on.. I washed it really well, and I hung it up in the bath. I figured guests could put it down when they wanted to shower and hang it back up after, but that didn't really work out. People ended up ignoring the mat and putting towels on the floor and all sorts of wacky shit.

And you know once they pee on somthing, you can't get rid of that scent.. it's always there, even if you bleach the shit out of it. They remember, and come back to pee there...

I will post kitten pictures later. Right now I have to scrub the rugs again to try to keep that bathroom from constantly smelling like piss

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