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I borrowed a corn nugget

I've wanted another cat for a while. I think Senpu might not get so lonely or whiny with a freind around. He was ALMOST freinds with Derrek. It took many days of growling and hissing, but he was almost ok with him by the time he left. I figured if I was going to get a new cat, a kitten would be best, since they are much less threatening that fullgrown cats, and are young and impressionable. They'd be much more easy going than an older cat, and much easier to introduce the two.

A good freind of mine (mah workout partner!) has a sister. That sister is an irresponsible pet owner, and ended up with 5 kittens just under 2 months ago. I've been going back and forth on taking one. At first Matt was pretty adamant about us not needed a second cat. I think he may have been afraid I would turn into a crazy cat lady. I told him 2 was fine, but 3 was way too many. Eventually, he started to cave. So.. we borrowed a cat overnight during the weekend to see if it would work out. Senpu hated the newcomer (of course), and spent the majority of the day sulking under the bed, growling and hissing. He is such a chicken shit, he wouldn't even get close to enemy kitten to check it out or attack it. Matt managed to get him out from under the bed late that night, but Senpu still wasn't having anything to do with the visitor. The next morning, though, Senpu got curious. He started following the kitten around from room to room, sniffing it. If the kitten turned around at all, Senpu would growl, hiss, and run away. Kitten would arch it's back to try to look big and scary and defend itself. Kitten attacked Senpu's tail a few times to play,and it confused him to no end. Senpu would startle, jump up, and hide behind whatever was closest. After a while, though, he seemed interested, though. Almost like they were going to start playing. He batted at the kitten a few times, but if either made any sudden moves, Senpu would freak out and run away.

I decided enemy kitten was awesome. It tried to steal a corn nugget away from my freind, so I decided that would be the most awesome name for a cat. You could call it nugget, or nuggs for short. It would be awesome. Unfortunately, little Corn Nugget was not litter trained. Said irresponsible pet owner didn't really want anything to do with them, so they were left outside most of the time. (With food and water.. and they were allowed inside in the evenings) They wern't neglected, but they didn't have a litter box available outside, so they got used to doing thier business out in the grass. Try as I might, I could not get little Nuggs to go inside. As soon as we got the kitten to the house, we put her in the litter box, but she jumped right back out without any sort of interest. We set up a fresh one closer to her food& water& toys, and she didn't want to be in it at all either. She did not mess anywhere in the house overnight. She ate a ton of food and drank a lot of water, but held it.

Matt ultimately decided that with only one night to test things out, we'd better give Nuggs back. I think with more time we could have made things work. Corn Nugget is a truely awesome kitten. I have photographic evedince of that.

I forgot to mention.. Why did we only have one night to test out the nugget? Freind's sister was on vacation. I'd asked before if we could try the cat out for a week or so with the option to give it back if it didn't work out. She said no. Once it was out of her house, she didn't want anything to do with it. I can't blame her. If I had 5 unwanted kittens, I'd want them gone, too. Unfortunately, she wasn't really willing to work with me on that. So... when they went on vacation, we stole one >..> We had to make sure to get it back before they got home, though. Part of me really wants to go and get the kitten back. My freind said I shouldn't have even thought about naming it XD But when I woke up that morning and saw the kitten trotting up to meet me, purring.. I was just like AWWWWWWWWWW


I really do think Senpu would have gotten over it. My main concerns were that he'd start peeing all over things to voice his displeasure.. or start wolfing down his food to make sure enemy cat didn't get it, etc. There wasn't any evidence of those problems. The biggest problem was the fact that the kitten didn't know what the hell to do with a litter box, and I didn't have 3-4 days to make sure I could successfully litter train it. Still XP KITTEH


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