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After the renfaire

I went to the renfaire last Sunday and had a great time. Towards the end, I got some heatstroke hardcore, and threw up outside. Some dude in tights was cheering me on. It was.. moderately awesome. I'm kind of sad, though, because this is the second year in a row I wasn't able to find a shirt. I kept finding shirts I kind of liked, and then found out they were 60 bucks or whatever. I keep wearing the one I made every year, but I modified a pattern for that one, and I really wasn't that happy with how it turned out. Besides... it's so damned hot there, I need somthing other than a full length gathered sleeve. I need somthing more open so I don't die of heatstroke again XP

We had a lot of fun, but I pretty much consider that day a shopping fail. When I walked in, I was determined to at least get a shirt.. or maybe a frog so I could wear my fake sword next time, or somthing else fun to go with the outfit.. and second year in a row I come up empty! Oh well. I also found this wacky transformer dress that turns into a million things and hides in it's own pocket. I was kind of interested, but the shopkeeper quickly went from helpful salesman to batshit crazy hippie, and it scared me off. There was an absolutely gorgeous opal ring set in gold at one of the jewelry stands. I think a lot of that jewelry is kind of overpriced because I know you can buy uncut Austrailian opals in bulk for pretty cheap... but I don't know what kind of skill level it takes to prep them for a peice. I can only assume the high cost for the jewelry comes from the price of gold and the perceived cost of labor, so I really can't complain there. I really wanted that ring, though. It fit perfectly, and instead of some normal prong setting, it was this organic swirly gold setting that overlapped the top of the opal on the corners a little bit. The one I had my eyes on had a lot of red fire in it... which made it more expensive than all the others. I really didn't want to leave without it, but when I checked the price it kind of discouraged me. 400 bucks. Yikes. I texted Matt that I found an amazing birthday present, but when he got back to me about it, we were really far away from the booth. It was towards the end of the day, and I was feeling kind of heatsick, so I didn't feel like going back.

Secretly, I had kind of hoped Matt would say the next day "Well, Monday is the last day, let's go to the renfaire and get you that ring!" Of course, that didn't happen :P He didn't want to go on Sunday! XD I really don't need jewelry that expensive, but I really do love opals. One day I would like to have a nice peice with one. Somthing like what I saw at the jewelry booth at the renfaire. Gold setting, not silver, and a nice ammount of color and fire. I guess I'm kind of stuck up about the stone, because I don't like a lot of the pale milky ones you see in say.. mall jewelry stores. Most of them just look pale and sick, and it's hard to see the color in them.

Anyway.. after all of that, I still managed to grab myself a bar of soap at the awesome soap place, so I'll stay cleaner for another few months! (I have a stockpile of these soaps at the house.. so awesome)

My brother is visiting now for a few days. He had a 3 day weekend this month, so he decided to come up and hang out with me. Mostly, we end up drinking a lot of beer and grilling. It's perfectly fine with me, but it's hotter than hell outside. I'm totally a deliceate flower that doesn't like the heat and shit.


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