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San Diemas Highschool Football Rules!

I upped my bike time to 40 min today, up from 38. Once I get to 45, I'll decide whether or not to shoot for an hour. This is in addition to light stretching and 15 min or so of weightlifting every mon/weds/fri

The bike is evil, but I know I need it. Today was just proof of how evil it was, though. It estimates my calories burned today at 666! whoooaaahhhh

I feel like I should feel accomplished or somthing everytime I get off that damned thing, though, because I'm dripping in sweat and I have the worst case of swamp-bra ever. Sweating is so gross. T..T I downloaded some calorie counter app that is kind of cool. It's from some website I'd never heard about, but apparently it's kind of big. It's from Fatsecret.com. NEVER HEARD OF THEM. But anyway.. it has a massive database of foods ranging from how many calories are in an apple, to foods from HEB.. and that's just a Texas chain. I was impressed. Sometimes I have to enter in nutritional values for food on my own instead of just picking them from the list, but it doesn't happen that often. Oh... and when I go to some wacky place like the parade of meat (Texas de Brazil) it's more challenging to try to pick out all the separate ingredients and try to guestimate, but it's a really cool app. I think it's helped me a little bit in making food choices. Not because of how healthy or unhealthy somthing is... but me not wanting to have to enter in somthing by hand that isn't in there, or have to add more calories to my daily count. I still have my days where no matter what, I just feel ravenously hungry all day... but overall I think the app is helping me get a handle on my food. If I lose any weight from this, it will be excruciatingly slow, though, because it thinks I should be eating around 2,200 calories to lose weight at a healthy rate, and I think I should be eating less. It's hard, though, when I'm hungry and I'm like "oh, the app says I haven't hit my RDI for today yet lawl" Still working on that :P

I'm still figuring out WTF I'm going to do for Memorial day weekend. I wanted to go hang out with Tania at Scarborough Faire but Matt doesnt' want to go and I don't want to drive myself. I've been talking to Alisha about going, though, and I think I can bribe her with all manner of food on a stick to come with so I won't go up by myself. The other option was to hang out with a freind who drunkenly proclaimed he was driving from Oklahoma to Austin for the weekend. I'm not even sure if those are real plans.. but we were somehow included in the imaginary plan making. I think I'll just go to the renfaire. My brother is coming to visit that Monday, though, and hang out for like 4 days after that. I'm really excited. He hasn't been able to visit for that long since he started the job he's working now... and that was like 4+ years ago. Maybe I'll make him help me power wash/sand/stain the deck. heh heh heh >:D

Beyond that, I've been trying not to plan too far ahead into the summer since we have so much going on. After Ray leaves, we have the pharmacy conference, and then like 2 weeks until the 4th of July weekend.. then a few days before the trip to Wisconsin.. after that showing our French freind around the good 'ole US of A. So far.. August is empty. That will be recovery time!

Netflix sent me "I Sell the Dead" and "The Seventh Seal" yesterday. Awesome combo, right?!?! The Seventh Seal is a classic, leading up to such films as Bill& Ted's Bogus Journey. OMG I want to go watch Bill& Ted's Excellent Adventure XD ANYWAY The Seventh Seal is an Ingmar Bergman film, and supposed to be amazing and tought provoking and all that. Not at all Bill& Ted. I Sell the Dead has Dominic Mohnagan (totally mispelled, I'm sure) and Ron Perelman, and it's about a grave robber who ends up finding out that many dead don't stay that way. I added it to the queue along with Burke& Hare (Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis), but I think Burk& Hare has since been moved down to the unavailable spot at the bottom of the queue. Like I Sell the Dead, Burke& Hare also has a Lord of the Rings cast member in it, and it is also about grave robbing. One goes the zombie route, one doesn't. I was going to watch them back to back, but instead I have some classy foreign film!

All of this is moot, however, because I really need to do some laundry, some dishes, some vaccuming, and handle the trash before I can go watching ANY movies.

Why don't I own Bill& Ted on DvD? SRSLY


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