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Well, that was exciting!

A huge storm hit the house just minutes before people were supposed to come meet for the show at the theatre. Rain was whipped sideways by huge gusts of wind, there was thunder and lightning everywhere, and it was generally miserable outside. Perfect time for the power to go out? Of course!

It didn't come back up immediately, so I had to call the power company before I left. Apparently TXU doesn't bothr to take reports of power outages for their customers anymore, and I was prompted to call another number for Oncor to tell them to come out and fix shit. The automated message from Oncor said it would be back up by 8pm. I was satisfied, so when everyone arrived, we left for dinner and had some great Chinese at Cathay House.

I really enjoyed the performance last night, but I knew what I was getting into. I feel a little bad for dragging people along that apparently didn't know what happened at a live performance. One of my freinds hated it so passionately, as soon as the intermission hit she ran off and drove home. (She was our ride :X) She pointed somewhere on the program and told us to just text her when they got to that song, and I was mortified. I had reminded everyone earlier to turn phones off, so I figured she got that it was taboo to use them inside the theatre. I told her under no circumstances would I turn my phone on, and we'd just wait outside after it was over. I should also mention that when she arrived to meet everyone, she was totally shocked that the rest of us had dressed up a little bit.
(I wore a pair of heels, jeans, a blouse, and a jacket. Not super fancy, but certainly more dressed up than usual, and definitely not Jeans& T-shirt) Honestly, I thought that when I invited her and she answered so quickly, she already loved the movie version of My Fair Lady and was super excited to go to the theatre, so I didn't bother talking to her about whether or not it was her first time seeing a performance like that. I really feel I should have given her some sort of warning or primer or somthing on basic theatre etiquitte and told her what to expect :( I feel pretty bad that she was completely miserable the entire time. Thanksfully the other girls enjoyed themeselves! XD

I don't know.. it's not like I've gone to THAT many live shows, but I've grown up with live performances from formal concerts to theatrical productions, and it's like.. ingrained in me how you are supposed to act. And I only maybe see somthing like this once every few years.

~If it's not a full-blown opera performance, you dress business casual, or at least dressier than what you normally wear.

~Cel phones completely shut off, not just on silent because OMG WHAT IF IT GOES OFF ANYWAY??? The light from your phone can be seen by everyone behind you and the people next to you, so it's rude to turn it on at all.

~Limit talking to before the performance, during the intermission, and after. Try to stay quiet the rest of the time.

~If you have to get up, do it during the intermission. If you don't particularly have to go anywhere, just stand up and stretch and sit back down. Getting in and out of those tiny isles is such a huge pain in the ass, and it inconveinences everyone around you

~Standing Ovations are for special occasions

I mean.. those are the basics, right? On to the show!

I thought it was a fantastic performance. Everyone was way way more talented than I was expecting, and the principal characters were all awesome. The actress who played Eliza Doolittle had quite a set of pipes! There were a few sound pickup issues with the actor that played Mr. Doolittle (Eliza's father) but I thought he was fantastic. He was very animated and did an excellent job with the role. The choreography was simple but effective, and I appreciated the two boys out of a trio of the poor that really picked their knees up and looked very snappy. The sets were very simple, which I expected, but very well-done. The main set peices were two rotating walls. One side was white brick, and the other side was half of the book cases for Henry Higgens' home. Every time you transitioned to a scene at the higgens home, a squad of maids and butlers came in and dropped down all the set peices and began to clean and tidy things before the main characters popped in. I thought it was clever, and a great way to keep things flowing and lively. When you transitioned to other places, like the street outside the bar, or where all the flower sellers were, the appropriate cast members came in and set props down that they would be working with themselves, like they were setting up shop, etc.

The costumes were ok. I think they had a lot of rented tuxedos and suits, etc. The men were all snappily dressed. I wasn't a big fan of some of the women's clothing, but I completely understand the need for somthing simple, cheap, and shiny that people could easily zip in and out of. They were influenced by the movie here, as well. Eliza's Ascot races dress and the look of the whole Ascot races scene followed the black-and-white theme of the movie. Her dress had the same wide black-and-white striped ribon and general shape of the dress as well. The costume also had an appropriately rediculous hat! yay! Everything seemed a little baggy, but I attribute that to the need to being able to zip people in& out of costumes at a moment's notice. The only costumes I was really dissappointed by were the ones worn by all the extras in the ball scene. They were two-toned satin sacks cinched at the waist. I understand the need for this, too, since your cast may end up changing, and you can't afford the time or money needed to tailor nice things for everyone. I imagine the budgets for these productions at the local theatre are quite small. Still, I think they did a fantastic job on pretty much everything else!

Everyone was very heavily influenced by the movie, but I don't think it's a bad thing because I loved the movie. I was a little worried I'd end up comparing the two and ultimately be dissappointed, but I wasn't. I thought it was wonderful and exceeded my expectations. Apparently the show sold so well, they added an extra date! Awesome! I saw only a few empty seats last night, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were no shows, not unsold seats. When I went to buy my tickets, I went about a month in advance, and the show had sold through a sizable number of tickets already. They were having trouble finding four seats in a row for us.

Anyway, it was all thoroughly enjoyable, and we are thinking about going back next season to see Hello Dolly! and Chicago, because srsly. Musicals <3

When I got home, I expected the power to be back on. Not so! Matt was sitting on the couch in the dark eating up the battery charges on everything he could get his hands on and grousing about it the whole time. To make a long dark evening pass by more quickly, he watched a few movies on my ipad, and then sat in his car for a while. (to charge his ipod and sit in some air conditioning) I had one of the most horrible stomach aches ever from dinner, so I went out with him and sat in the heated seats and felt much better. After a while, the AC stopped working so well. I told him it probably wasn't that good for the car to sit idling in the carport all night, so we went back in. I set the alarm clock on my phone to wake him up for work, but I guess he didnt' trust it, or was upset that he couldn't get any of the alarms on his devices to work,a nd stubbornly stayed up until 5AM when the power came back on. That kind of pissed me off. I had a nice time sitting in the car chatting with him, and it was like.. as soon as he got out of it he was just some little bundle of rage, piss, and vinegar. I understand it's frustrating, but stuff like this happens. My phone alarm would have woken us up, and he could have just gone to sleep. BUT OH NO! DRAMAZ TIME!

So.. He finally went to bed at 5 when the power came back on.. and I imagine he woke up 2 hours later to get to work. We'll find out what kind of mood he's in when he comes home tonight. -..-

Oh, and we were going to test drive a cat for a while. I think Senpu needs a freind. He has a few bad habits, though, so I wanted to try out a kitten to see how he does with it. My freind's irresponsible sister has 5 kitten right now, so I thought I would pick one out and see how Senpu does with it. We both got really excited about it and made plans to get a new litter box and all this other stuff, but we ultimately decided not to do it. Once the cat leaves her home, she doesn't want it back. I can understand that, I really can. However, I was saying I'd take one with the stipulation to return it if say.. Senpu started peeing everywhere, hoarding food, etc. We thought that would be fine, but she came back and said (via her sister) that once it was out of her house, it wasn't coming back. Oh well :( I can't take that risk right now and end up stuck with a kitten that's going to bring out bad bathroom behavior in Senpu.


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