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This is going to be a busy summer! I am looking forward to it

Just a little blurb about my exercize schedule- My new partner and I haven't missed a day yet, and we're going on month 4 of working out. We do about 15 min of weight lifting, then hop on the bike to spin for some cardio. We started at 15 min of bike since we were doughy and unfit. I'm up to 35 min on the bike now, and she is up to 30. I'm working up to 45 min next. She's lost quite a bit of weight and inches already. I have been bad with food and haven't lost anything :P I do well for breakfast, but once I eat lunch it still kind of all falls apart and I just want to go into snack mode until dinnertime, which is bad. Working on it. It would be nice if I could get back on the diet wagon and lose some weight by July.

Busy summer starts in June, but in a week or two here, we'll be going up to Arlington for an oil change/ etc on my car. We'll probably go check out Tania's new house and have lunch with her mom.

They changed Matt's pharmacy conference date, so we're going back down to San Antonio in June instead of Sept. Last time was an interesting experience, and I am looking forward to putzing around San Antonio for a day by myself again. We stayed in a hotel right across from the riverwalk mall, so I just went to the mall and wandered around a bunch. It was great! I may or may not go down to the Alamo and tourist row this time. I mean, Matt and I went down to San Antonio for a wedding anniversary a few years ago and he got to see the Alamo for the first time.. my second or third, so it's not like it gets any more exciting with subsequent visits. The gardening is nice, though!

I want to say there is somthing else going on in June, but the only thing that comes to mind is my dental cleaning appointment, and that's hardly notable. I need to reschedule it anyway, because it lands on one of the days of the pharmacy conference. :X Man, I love my ipad. It's great for those 4 hour greyhound bus trips!

In July, we're going up to visit my mom's side of the family in Wisconsin. My brother is coming along too. I bought plane tickets earlier this month, so it's a definite thing. I still need to forward the flight info to Grandma. We haven't looked into hotels/motels/bed& breakfast places yet. The original plan was to rent a car so we could go to Minnesota and visit Matt's grandmother. Unfortunately, she passed away a few months ago, so that leg of the trip won't be happening. It's really saddening, because I was looking forward to seeing her again, too. We hadn't seen her since our wedding. It really makes you think about how far apart families have grown. I was always a little jealous of my cousins in Wisconsin because everyone seemed to live so close. When I was little, it seemed like everyone lived on the same block. There was always someone to watch the kids, and always someone to play with. Then again, there could have just been that much going on because we were visiting :P There was definitely a closeness there I didn't feel on my dad's side of the family. Everyone on that side always seemed to live too far apart to get together when we came to visit. I often wish that at least the family in Texas lived closer together. Everyone seems to be spread so far apart. At least Ray and I are only about 2 hrs away from each other... but it's 4hrs to visit dad, and 6 1/2+ (depending on traffic through austin and san antonio) to visit mom& my other brother. Plus, I really don't like the culture of the valley, and have no desire to go back down there. The only reason I would even consider it would be to visit mom. (PS- she has a swimming pool)

After the family trip to WI, a freind of ours is coming to visit. Matt and I met him playing an MMO a few months before our wedding. We've maintained contact with this dude ever since then, and he's been a good freind to both of us. We have never met because... he lives in Paris, France!! :O So he's going on a big US vacation this summer. He plans to visit a freind in NYC and see the city, but if his freind is busy, he'll be spending more time with us. I'm excited to give him a tour of our dinky little town. He'll be here long enough that we plan to take him to a bigger city... probably the Ft. Worth Stockyards. Since he's coming to Texas, he really wants to do cowboy stuff. Since he can't make it in the fall to see the state fair& rodeo, the stockyards are the closest thing I can think of. We considered Austin... but it's cheaper to drink at home :P Everyone loves the drafthouse, so maybe we'll go down anyway on a second trip. We also considered San Antonio, but it's such a tourist trap XD Not that the stockyards arnt, but the stockyards are way more Yee-haw, and not as much Ai-yai-yai.

After he goes back to France, I think things will be quiet around here for a while. We are considering a trip to NYC, though. The Discovery exhibit in Times Square right now is a massive Pompeii exhibit with many artifacts and body casts. I'd love to see that. We both also really want to see the Mormon musical from the South Park guys. KT tells me there's a huge Horemheb exhibit at the MET (which I would love to go see again.. and the MoMA if there's enough time..) Out of all the places I've traveled over the last few years, NYC has probably been my favorite. Vegas is a really close second... But there's a big difference between having everything available to you from all over the world in just a walk away and having all the booze available in the world just a casino away. I really appreciate the diversity of New York and all the cute little boutiques and specialty shops in such quantity that only a large city could support. I was really curious about LA when we went, to see if the west coast could match it. It's really a shame I didn't have more time to look and see.

I consider myself very fortunate to have seen this many places as it is. Many people don't get to travel that much in their whole lives, let alone one year.


Oh wow, I totally got distracted and didn't even click post on this for a few hours. lawlz

I forgot where I was going with all that, but summer is going to be busy and if I don't want to be the stereotypical fat American when my French freind visits. I'd better start eating smarter

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