HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

New hagen daaz ltd edition flavor!

It's called Sweet Chai Latte, and it is awesome. Why is it tea flavored ice creams are always the best?? If you are a fan of chai, go out and try it! I guess the green tea flavor is back in the "flavor vault" or whatever they call it. I was super excited when they brought the bananas foster flavor back. I haven't picked any up in months, but it's still available. My new freezer is awesome, though and the ice cream is rock hard XD I guess that is a good thing.. Prevent early ice crystals and all that... But it makes it harder to get a quick spoonful.


Btw- for those of you that were not aware.. I have almost always received coupons from haagen daz when I email them with feedback. When I told them I was sad Bananas Foster was gone, I got coupons. When I told them I was super happy it was back, I got more coupons! And not just 10 cent off coupons. They were sizable and definitely worth remembering to drag to the store. Maybe I will get more XD I've really been on a huge email feedback kick this year. I go to all sorts of websites now and fill out the feedback forms. I can tell you that if you tell starbucks you love them, you get a really nice, personalized email response from a real person, but no coupons XP Gamestop bribes people to fill out feedback forms with the promise of potential gift cards, but sending them feedback is about as exciting as hugging a fake stuffed bear. You think it's going to kick ass, but there's nothing there and you empty strangely lonely and stupid afterwards :P. I will keep everyone updated on potential coupon sources.


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