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Maybe 1/2 way done with my craft purge??

I'm making an earnest effort to pare down my crafting supplies. Last year, I through away maybe 1/3 of my costumes. It was very hard to do, but I don't miss them. I should get rid of some more, but I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. My craft/sewing/cosplay supplies, however, were getting wildly out of hand. When I didn't know what to do with somthing, I chucked it in a bag and put it in a pile on the floor around the South Park pinball machine. Eventually, bags became somewhat organized. There was the feather bag, the ribbon bag, the bag of 50 cat ears I made when I was toying with the idea of selling headbands at conventions. (I spent 75 bucks on supplies.. made maybe 2 dozen lolita head pads, sold them through the Studio Capsule con booth.. After splitting the profits, I made back my materials cost and promptly got bored of it and didn't make enough to actually profit.. but I'm totally happy I made back material costs)

I then decided all these bags were too much, and just dumped the bags into boxes so they would stack more easily. That doesn't really solve the problem, but when it came to my craft stuff, I just didn't know what to do with it all. My fabric was organized in large plastic stacking bins. It was arranged by color and mostly out of the way... My findings were organized in small tubs, and so were my patterns.

I decided to buy another 3 tubs.. move the findings out of the small tubs, and sort the craft stuff from the bags into the 3 new tubs. I threw away a bunch of stuff.. kept a bunch of stuff, and ultimately got rid of a few boxes and tidied things up. I think I'm going to give the tiny findings tubs to a freind, and work on purging fabric remnants next. My poor fabric bins are full to bursting, and I know there is some stuff in there I don't need anymore. There's at least 1-2 yards of Gogo cape lining I thought I might use for somthing, and never did... and I'm sure there are scraps too small to use for much more than doll clothing. I don't make doll clothing, so I totally don't need it.

While I was cleaning everyting out, I found a small box of fancy remnants I had packed up and gotten ready to send to zoi_no_miko and never sent. The damned thing must have been sitting around here for over FIVE YEARS, I'm certain of it. I don't think she even makes dollfie clothes anymore XD It's been this long. I give up on sending it. I will empty it out and sort the remnants :P

At any rate, things do really look a lot better in that little corner of the house. I am slowly moving away from having ANYTHING stored/stacked underneath the pinball machines. It will make the roomba's life a lot easier when that project is done.

For now, though, you can play "Guess the costume" from the piles of crap in a tiny picture

Edit- I feel I should totally mention this for people who have spent time at my house during convention season-

My kitchen table has been cleaned off and dressed with a nice cloth and candles for about 2-3 years now. The piles of crap on the table are gone, and the sewing machine is living under the pinball machine when not in use

You just crapped yourselves, didn't you? I remember when khet_tcheba came over to work on her Zerase costume while I was working on Arshtat. She almost had some sort of tidy person's nervous breakdown when she saw how cluttered my kitchen table was. (I swear I cleaned it up before she arrived, too, and it was still too messy to work on)

The house has been a lot cleaner, overall, since I stopped costuming.. but even when I made that Tales of Vesperia costume last year or so, I was able to keep the costume bomb from decimating the house. Really, I'm getting pretty close to having the house (overall) where I want it. There's still some clutter and crap I need to deal with.. still things I need to throw away that I'm not ready to get rid of.. but it's a lot easier to keep clean than it used to be, and as I slowly purge the last remnants of my college youth and wasteful spending, my house is becoming more of an adult geek central instead of a teen geek central. The difference? In college, I spent my work study checks on books... and everything else got spent on going out to eat with freinds and buying everything anime-related under the sun. When I think of all the money I could have saved if I had more restraint, it's disgusting. But now I'm much more selective with my purchases, and I'm working with an idea of how much crap my house can actually hold without turning into some strange anime hoarder central. With the reduction of cosplay bulk, it'll just look better and better. For now, though, I'm really happy with the progress in that extra area of the house. Since it doesn't really have a defined purpose, it easily becomes a catch-all for boxes of crap. It's like.. half pinball room, half workout room, half cosplay room.

I really need to mop it XP


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