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OMG Hoarders: Buried Alive marathon yesterday! I totally condensced two boxes of highschool/college stuff into one and threw a box away before I lost steam. That means I have... One box and one tiny box full of sentimental crap/things that never got unpacked when we moved in. This doesn't count the 5+ boxes mom had Ray drop off at my place a few years ago. I think I've consdensed those down to two.

Really, though, the sewing stuff is currently the biggest homeless mess in the house. The fabric and patterns all have homes, but the craft stuff is out of controll, stuffed in two large boxes. I went through it a while back and threw a bunch of stuff away, but I probably need to do that again. Despite throwing away about a third to a half of my costumes in January, I still have too many. I'm getting there, though, and eventually I'll be at a place where I'm happy with my clutter, but things are still clean. I think a good example of that are the dragon shelves in the living room. Those are still packed a little too full, so they're hard to dust.. but if I can get rid of say.. everything on the middle shelves that isn't a dragon.. it'll look nicer and be easier to dust. I might have to re-home all the Japanese manga to another room or somthing. I wouldn't mind donating/selling some of our old books to a used book store, but most of them are Matt's, and I wouldn't want to cart them off without his permission.

Today I should be getting some new glasses. They arrived last week, but we haven't had time to go pick them up. I think Matt is going to pick them up while I wait at home in case Fed Ex. comes. He had serious ipad envy after he got me one, and he had to get an ipad2 at release. It should be arriving today.

I haven't really talked about it much, because I'm afraid of jinxing it, but a good freind and I have been working out for the past month. Every Mon/ Weds/ Fri we've been stretching, spending a good 15min or so weight lifting on the machine I got from Dad, and then spending 15+ minutes of spinning doing cardio on my exercize bike. We are slowly upping the ammount of time on the bike, and upping the ammount of weights we are doing. This is the first time she's ever worked out in her life, which was totally shocking to me. She's doing really well, though, and has lost some weight and has more energy. I'm losing very very slowly, probably because my diet is still out of control. I do have a greater sense of wellbeing when I wake up, even though I'm tubby as ever. I really hope we can keep this up, though. I'm relying on her to keep me motivated. She doesn't live very far away, so she just drives over in the mornng between 10-10:30 AM and we knock it out, shower, and gossip for a bit before she has to go to work or do whatever for the day. I'm really enjoying it. I just wish I could stop snacking so much in the afternoons. Even if I do really well for breakfast/lunch, it always falls apart somewhere around 2pm where I just want to snack until dinner.. and that's really bad. I'm working on it, though.

We've also had bug drama around the house. I've been seeing weird crap falling from the ceiling in one particular place, and wave after wave of smokeybrown cockroach nymphs flooding into the kitchen from under the dishwasher. Having to kill/sweep up at LEAST a dozen+ baby cockroaches every day on top of the huge daily mess in the living room was driving me insane.. so even though the Orkin man had just sprayed a week or to previously I called him back. The crap from the ceiling was apparently ants.. so he got rid of those,a nd I haven't seen any since. He did somthing about the roaches too, and I'm seeing far fewer, but I still had to maim/clean up 4-5 yesterday, and these were older and bigger than the ones we were seeing before. I haven't even seen any adult roaches in months, so this really bothers me XP
Hopefully this crap will clear up. He told me to give it about a week before flipping out about it.

That's about all the exciting that's happening in the world of Becky. It's not much, and not even terribly exciting, but there you go :P Oh! I got drafted for Jury Duty again. The last time it happened, it was less than a week before I was scheduled to fly off and go to Anime Expo. This time, it's 3 days before I'm going to go down to Austin and see Penn& Teller. We've had the P&T tickets since November, and they're only in town for 2 shows. I really hope this doesn't interfere because WTF P&T TICKETS. We wanted to see them in Vegas, but they wern't in Vegas when we went last summer, so we decided to catch them in Austin instead. >:O I will do my civil duty, but it had better not interfere with plans I've had since Nov!

Oh yeah, that reminds me.. my schedule is kind of crazy for the next two weeks! Fex Ex deliveries, Jury Duty.. on Thurs I'm getting a new fridge! When I found the paperwork for the current fridge stating that it'd essentially been running since the early 80's, I decided I was never going to clean it again, and we were getting a new fridge. Matt decided that before I could do that, though, we had to get some parts of the house re-wired. We got some new plugs in the computer room, and all major large appliances were moved to their own circuits on the new breaker box. This should spread the load out a lot, and now everything is updated and ready for a new fridge. I was able to call Best Buy and give them the model number of the one I wanted, pay for it, and set up delivery all over the phone. It was awesome. This is the one we ended up getting

Space is such an issue XP We're pretty sure it'll fit! I measured everything out and it looks like it will be ok.


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