HIDE your face (kyonomiko) wrote,
HIDE your face

This is bugging the heck out of me

I've had this classical peice stuck in my head for like a week. I guess it was somthing I had to memorize for music memory back in middle school and I heard it on TV somewhere or somthing recently.. I don't know.

I've spent all night tracking it down, and I think I've finally found the peice, but not the exact arrangement, and that almost bothers me more.

If KT still checks LJ, maybe she has some ideas. >..<

Anyway, to my anger and embarassment, it was some sort of arrangement of the March of the Kings. Why is this so shameful? Apparently it's Christmas music. I hate christmas music. With a burning passion. It's like my nemesis. I used to love the Carol of the Bells, but too many holiday seasons working in stores that insist on playing christmas music is awful. You die a little inside each time.

At any rate, I must have heard it before during the holiday season or somthing. It's not one I hear all the time, though, so I guess I never associated it with christmas. Unfortunately, I can't find an arrangement that sounds like the one I remember at all. This is probably the closest, just because the strings are loud and violent here. (I remembered it being a brass-heavy peice with a Q&A with the woodwinds, and a lot of really dynamic volume stuff) Maybe I played it in band or somthing. At any rate... somehow this conclusion is not satisfying in the least.



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