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Totally beat another game

This time, it was Mana Khemia. I'd been sitting on it a while, determined to beat Atelier Iris 3 before I started it. I still haven't beaten Atelier Iris 3 :X After finishing Aterlier Annie and Atelier Rurona, though, I really wanted more of the same without a 3rd playthrough, so I decided to go through my backlog of Gust games. The only other ones I had that I hadn't beaten were Atelier Iris 3, and the two Mana Khemia games. I'm working on Mana Kehmia 2 now. If I finish it, I might go back and try to finish Atelier Iris 3, so I can say I've kicked the asses of all the Gust games I own.

Mana Khemia was a refreshing change of pace. Even though you had a strict school schedule to follow, the game was much more geared towards the combat aspects, and much more forgiving on time limits. You basically had to follow your schedule to progress the story, and HAD to do those events to get it to move forward, but you got to choose when time continued on. It was a breath of fresh air after having to budget your days spent adventuring with your town rep and your alchemy assignment due dates. Most of the characters were your typical anime-personalities, so there wasn't anything amazing there, but it was still enjoyable. I had a lot of fun with it and beat it in about 4 days. I just haven't been around livejournal much since then, so I never got around to posting about it.

One of the things that bothered me the most in Mana Khemia's end game was that I had to walk back and forth between the area I synthesized weapons, and the area I synthesized ingredients. It would have been much more convenient to do it all in one spot, since most complicated synths took multiple different items of different types. It was somthing they fixed in Mana Khemia 2, but the MK2 UI changes make it very hard to read the screen on your grow book pages, so it's offputting. I liked the MK1 grow book!

I'm working on Mana Khemia 2 now, but with much less zest and fervor :P It's hard to get used to the changes they made. Some of them were for the better... and it's nice to see some of the school schedule graphics re-used. It ties the games together. The major changes to the grow book and the font sizes just kill me, though. I have a huge TV, and it's hard to read. I can't imagine how hard it would be to read some of that stuff on a smaller TV. I'm not even that blind when I'm wearing my glasses >..<

Maybe I'm getting burned out from beating so many games so quickly! I'm used to beating very few, because I suck at finishing them >..> When I look at my backloggery and see the vast majority of games I haven't finished, though, I get sad. Unfortunately, a bunch of them are games I probably won't finish. I thought they looked great, had an interesting premise, etcetc, and then was horribly dissappointed in some aspect of the game. Or there's like.. all of 2009-2010 when all interesting games released were strategy/ tactics games. I love those too, but sometimes I love a good traditional turn based RPG

Hell.. I was looking through my DS games and found some final fantasy game I'd never heard of that neither Matt nor myself remember buying. That's pretty sad. (Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light or some crap) I also have two new Nippon Ichi games coming in sometimes this week. Ar Tornelico 3 (Apparently I'm missing the second one) and Hyper Dimensional Neptunia or somthing. I should hurry and beat some other games...

But matt wants me to farm herbs and fish in WoW -..-
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