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It's backin' up backin' up backin' up... -..-

Did I mention this earlier? New awesome computer last november, total itunes disaster, etcetcetc? I'm sure I have. Anyway, I finally got itunes fixed up in a satisfactory manner. I'm still finding things that need album art, or double tracks that need to be deleted, etc.. but it's enough that I'm happy to synch my ipod and ipad and all that other lovely stuff. Yay.

There was an ipad system update. I had to go from 3.2 to like.. 4.2. Whoah. Holy crap, I've missed a lot of updates. One problem. The device needs to back up all it's data before it will let me update the OS. Crap in a hat. We let it sit for FOUR DAYS STRAIGHT in order to back it up. It was retardedly slow. I read that this new update would make the backup process much faster, but you had absolutely no option to do the update without allowing it to back up first. I see the wisdom in this. It's a good idea to back anything up before a major system update. Unfortunately this meant I had no choice but to let it sit until it was done backing up.

The entire time, the ipad was on, and I was terrified that it could get screen burn-in or somthing wacky like that. There was no burn in at all, which was pretty awesome.. but I still can't beleive it took 4 freaking days to back everything up.

BUT~!!! It is finally finished! You have no idea how happy I am that it's finally done. We had a thunderstorm yesterday and I was terrified that the power was going to go out and all that backin' up would have to go all over again -..-

I also started Atelier Rurona.. more on that as I get a better impression of the game. Some aspects of the game have changed radically from Atelier Annie, probably because they have more power and space to play with on a PS3, but that doesn't nessesarily mean the changes are good ones. XP It's still fun, though.


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