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House (innane TV ramblings of someone who is 6 years behind the times)

That goofy medical TV show has gone into syndication on cable. Bravo and USA and I don't know who else has been running it all the time now. USA runs it from like.. 12 noon- 5PM on most weekdays. Bravo was running it today from like 12noon-10pm. I don't watch regular TV stations, but I do watch cable! So, I've been catching some House.

Somthing about that show bothers me deeply. It's annoying how overly-dramatic all the interpersonal relationships are, and how most of the time, House pretends he knows what was wrong all along, and makes his lackeys (and the audience) guess for an hour. It's like CSI:Miami and House needs a pair of sunglasses. YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

I realize that if it wasn't so drama-filled, there wouldn't be the opportunity for all the comedy, but watching House be an ass to everyone aggravates me more than it amuses me. Sometimes, yeah, it's funny as hell. Most of the time, though, the characters all just grate on my nerves. It's hard for me not to compare it to CSI (The Las Vegas one). I really liked CSI back in the day. I haven't really been watching it as much since a lot of the original cast has moved on, but Lawrence Fishburne isn't bad in it. I really liked the "feel" of the original CSI team, though. While Grissom was socially akward, he cared about his team and they really worked together to solve stuff. You didn't feel like Grissom knew everything off the bat and was just jerking people around.

From watching probably a dozen+ episodes of House, I finally know now that House needs his team, he doesn't know everything, and he just pretends to, and being an ass is just who he is. It doesn't make a good substitute for the camraderie of the CSI team, though IMO.

I do really like the medical mysteries, but it seems sometimes like the "clever" way of solvings things is ass backwards, and just a vehicle to drive the show on to give House a full hour of annoying everyone around him.

I really want to hate this show for all the things I don't like about it, but when I'm bored in the middle of the day, I usually find myself watching it now vs. my old mid-afternoon staples like Animal Cops XD (Mid-afternoon is about that time when I start feeling guilty for not getting enough housework done, but I AM getting stuff done, and I have time to sit while I wait on dishwasher/laundry to finish, etc)

In fact, my day almost always looks somthing like this:

~Wake up between 8:30-10AM
~Promptly eat some sort of cereal for breakfast. (Nearly always Kashi Autumn Wheat shredded wheat. But right now, I was having some nostalgia for Lucky charms, and terribly dissappointed that they arn't as magically delicious as I remember.... time to go back to the Kashi until I get nostalgic for Honey Nut Cheerios again)
~Fart around on the computer doing my WoW dailies
~Housework (Dishes/trash get done almost daily, weekly projects are laundry/litter, less frequently floors/ counters.. ambitious projects are always things like washing walls, clearing old closets, etc)
~Make lunch for Matt when he comes home
~Fart around some more watching TV while waiting on appliances
~More video games are inserted in here somewhere, probably
~Cook dinner when Matt comes home.. then raiding in WoW 2 days a week

It's disturbing how much of a routine I have, for someone that hates having to commit to routines. I should have some form of working out in there. In fact, Many times thoughout the day when I find myself in between stuff and bored, I think "I should really go work out" but apathy always seems to set in between me and the weight set/ bike. I am really hoping I can find a way to magically grow some inner will and fix that. I think I am too damned hedonistic, though.

If I'm left to persue pleasure, in any form.. I'm sure as hell not going to choose to be sweaty or tired or gross. I want the end result, but I'm too lazy to get there. I'd much rather eat things I shouldn't eat, drink things I shouldn't drink (Alcoholic beverages.. I don't drink sodas or sugary drinks. Juice rarely, sodas at restaurants, but I dont' go out that much)

I understant the concept of pride in your work, and I feel that with my hobbies.. but sometimes it just feels like it would be better not to do any of it all and fart around doing whatever strikes out at the moment.

And somehow, I have a routine!

This is wholly unbelievable.

And somehow against my wishes, House has become part of the routine. I so very much want to hate this show, but occassionally somthing hilarious happens, and I keep watching. Random references to books or movies I hadn't read or seen in years, etc. It's always somthing dumb. And slowly, the asshat character of House is starting to grow on me.

Oh, I forgot to mention somthing else that just chaffes my ass about House:

I really hate how in any given episode, 20 minutes are spent by the characters summarizings each other to.. each other. Wilson sits there and explains to House why he is the way he is, House does the same to Wilson, the team takes turns on each other.. and they all act insulted that someone would even say that. It's like a huge cop out. Actually.. it's more like.. a re-cap. That way you can have a long-standing series with complex characters because you say they are complex characters, and you don't have to worry about new viewers being totally confused with WTF the characters are all about. But even with all that, the characters regularly piss me off. Why the hell am I still watching?

Maybe Animal Cops wasn't on that other day or somthing. If I can find a regular time this all happens at, maybe I can make that work-out time, and I can work out to being pissed at the House TV series.

Edit: Totally unrelated, but I just had to mention this. Not only do I find it hilarious that Matt watched that marathon of Tabetha's Salon Takeover with me, he got really excited about the commercial for the season finale we saw today, and was noticably "bummed out" when he realized he'd be at work when it aired.

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