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You guys heard, right?


Last sept, a new Berserk animation project was announced. Everyone got super excited, but then just some animated commercials for manga vol 35 came out (narrated by Gackt, lol. What won't he do?) Fans were excited, then confused, then frustrated... But finally (last month) the main project was announced to be a movie. The plan is to animate a series of movies they are calling "Berserk Saga." Since there's so much freaking material, though, there's no set number of movies. The guys working on the project even admitted they may only do a few movies, then go to OAV or TV series format later. That's all up in the air.

In the meantime, however, fans can look forward to a Berserk movie (most likely starting with the beginning of the manga) sometimes around June-ish.

If you want to lol at the Gackt commercials, they are here, in the Commercial Film section.
Tags: anime, berserk


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