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The great itunes purge continues

I'm still working on sorting through things. The massive folder of unknown artist tracks is dwindling. There are a few in here I don't think I'll ever be able to identify. I have been proud of all the ones I've managed to ID, though. There was a raphael song in there from the SICK album. I must have DLed it many many many years ago, because I don't even have the rest of that album. It was just a file labelled "shoujo" and I was like "This sounds really familiar. Part of it kind of reminds me of the chorus in Baiser's Prism, but it's not Baiser.. maybe it's Raphael" which led me all over the place to try to figure out what album it came off of. (Thank you CD Japan for track listings), which I was able to take to the nico nico rip page and listen to it over there to confirm it's mystery identity.

There was a file tossed into the random Jrock folder called "MELT" that was really heavy. I couldn't make out the lyrics too well, and I was totally stumped. When I turned the volume way up, though, I realized they were singing in english, and it was a track from an english goth band called Fields of the Nephilim. Whoops! That doesn't go there at all. Mystery solved, however.

There's a file I have on here called "gaia" which is a total mystery though. It's a complete instrumental track with a lot of guitar that sounds like it came out of Top Gun. I have no idea what it is. -..-

There's also one on here simply labelled "jigoku" It's really weird and heavy and screamy. It reminds me of Dir En Grey, but I don't think it could be since I own all the DeG albums and quite a few of the singles. It also samples a bunch of christmas music. It's really strange. I have no idea where it came from, but it's probably some obscure indies band that isn't around anymore, and I'll never solve this mystery XP

Much like "deflo.mp3" Bad audio quality, most definitely an indies band or demo tape..,. definitely Jrock.. no idea who it is :P Since it's really soft and the audio quality isn't so hot, I kind of want to delete it.. but OMG. The mystery! It bothers me that I don't know what it is or where it came from. What if it's a super rare demo track? D: I totally kept the Lareine/ Dir en Grey demo track even though the audio quality is awful.

Also- I keep finding wacky German sailor moon music. It was not limited to one copy of the opener. I have two different techno remixes of the opener, and I've been deleting random bad techno for the last two days that was labelled "somthing somthing German Sailor moon soundtrack" -..-

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